Threeshorts PES Gaming Series #3 : Hive.Blog vs Dynamo Kyiv| Goals and Highlights (3-0)

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Welcome to my Threeshorts PES Gaming Series #3!

In full support of Threeshorts community, I created this Threeshorts PES gaming series where I feature the Goals and Highlights of the match to pack them up to less than a minute.

A tough toe, but I managed a comfortable win against Dynamo Kyiv 3-0 and I've had some pretty awesome goals to share with you. This is one of the games where I find scoring just a free-flow if proper passes were executed the way I want them to be.

On my next videos, I would want to show you how I've been heavily defeated by Newcastle United 0-5 and probably one of the worst defeats I had. You can check it out tomorrow! :)

Full video recap will be out soon. It's just very long to render and upload it to 3Speak because it's a 15-minute video but I'm planning to atleast cut them 5-minutes before and after goals. What do you think?



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