Threeshorts PES Gaming Series #2 : Hive.Blog vs Juventus | Goals and Highlights (2-0)

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Welcome to my Threeshorts PES Gaming Series #2!

In full support of Threeshorts community, I created this Threeshorts PES gaming series where I feature the Goals and Highlights of the match to pack them up to less than a minute.

On my journey I faced, another player where he named his squad as "Juventus". His team is loaded with stars and I only have Maradona that's so significant to me. In fact, I sit him down that match because he's running low on stamina. So I have to force Goios and Hervey on the front line. But the squad is still doing good. Trashing Juventus 2-0!

I have a PES Gaming Series running where it features full game recap for viewers wanting to watch the full game. You can watch my latest upload :

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