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RE: Tribes, Communities, & Nested Communities …

I recently on-boarded my worker and even with the assistance of myself and tools like Hive Keychain, it is still pretty long process for him to get up and running. If he didn't have a background in tech I don't think he would have been able to handle it nearly as well as he did. We need something that is accessible to the masses. Something as easy as installing a new app on their Smart Phone.

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Agreed. I am currently getting my own brother @rsarnold316 on here and yeah you're right, it takes a lot of work and a lot of time and also some money as well.

Yeah, it can be a pain. That is cool about your brother though!

Except that a travel post of my brother was muted and yet it was a travel post. And it appears as if it was downvoted even as it made $0.51. But the post says it got low ratings. But it didn't get flagged. It simply got muted. There's a difference and yet it doesn't say that.