Building 7: The TRUTH Cut by 9/11 Revisionist

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In this video I have uploaded, with permission, an epic edit by fellow researcher 9/11 Revisionist on the real truth of Building 7, which was it got DEW'ed. WTC 7, also called Building 7, has often been the focus of alt-media as "proof" of controlled explosive demolition, but the evidence clearly shows it was not exploded. There was very little noise or seismic impact, or even rubble, thus making it easy for mainstream narrative believers to debunk mainstream conspiracy researchers. Although the mainstream lie of "office fires" causing a nonexistent "pancake collapse" is as bogus as it gets, it is important not to replace one lie with another (that's the job of controlled opposition Architects & Engineers for 9/11 "Truth"). What actually happened on 9/11 was that it was being dustified in a much more gradual method for 7 hours from inside out until it was quiet literally a hollowed out shell. At this point it couldn't support its own weight and fell so quietly that people nearby could barely hear it. Such advanced technology that could do this bring up thoughts of, as Lieutenant colonel Thomas Bearden would put it, "electromagnetic implosions at a distance using scalar wave interference"...

The original video can be seen on 9/11 Revisionist's various channels:

The timestamps of key parts of the video are listed below:

  • Epic music introduction: 0:00
  • MSM Breaking News: America Under Attack: 0:21
  • Building 7 lathering into dust: 0:54
  • Building 7 falls like an empty shell: 2:33
  • Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden: Scalar weapons, cold explosions: 2:52
  • WTC 7 falling quietly: 3:25
  • Mainstream narrative believer Edward Current debunking explosive demolition: 5:10
  • Fake WTC 7 explosives hoax video: 5:40
  • Real explosive demolition is very loud: 6:22
  • Building 7's fall is very quiet: 6:52
  • 9/11 Revisionist asking AE911Truth disinfo agents David Chandler and Richard Gage about seismic readings: 8:06
  • "I'm not a Seismologist" LOL😂: 8:36
  • Dr. Judy Wood on the very small seismic signals of building 7: 8:42
  • Links for more information: 9:27

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