I Can't Do It Alone.


There are lots of stages to life, and though some require just, "us", "ourselves", there are others that require people in them to get the achieved result. Even an island at times needs people's step on it which is why I have chosen three people to walk my journey with me because at this stage, "I can't do it alone."

It is funny yet reasonable to find myself saying I need people to help with what I am building as the me I knew some years back would rather not think of this nor spit it out loud. However, it is true we need a teem to move forward in life, which is why life throws people on our way as we edge toward achieving more in life.

From the moment we came to life, we have met with people starting from our parents, friends, a new found stranger, a sister, brother and each of them have themed with us when we least expect to help us till this very moment.

As we move towards achieving our goals, life throws more people in our paths. Therefore, the three people who I have chosen to walk my dreem path with me have shown me in their actions, not just words that they are best fit for this.

However, before I move toward bringing in my teem members for the next step in life, let's take a look at this quote.

"It is the beginning of a life that is worth living, and I am worth every inch of it."

This statement ended the second dreem space challenge and I have loved it ever since. I know I am worth a lot, and my dreem space is the beginning of something beautiful for me before and after it gets achieved. This is why the people I have decided to mention are worth every inch of my dreem.


Life threw @rukkie to my space, and I have to admit that ever since I knew her, she has been a big light in my life. She is a woman of integrity, smart, full of life, selflessness, and more. She is the first member of my teem because ”There's so much to her that meets the eye.” Anyone who has gotten to meet her in real life will agree that she doesn't say what she can not do. She is a woman with a kind heart and actions even towards strangers.

She is an economist with a calculative brain to help with acquiring finances, which means her presence in my dreem space will go a long way. She has the best form of advice and has always understood my plans, and as I walk her through them, she brings her ocean filled with words to help me sail across.

I know Rukkie will always have the time and energy to help with my dreams because, just like water, she is tasted and proven that there's always a time for me in her busy schedule.

Her quality possession of humanism will add positive values and reverse some of my negative values towards achieving my dreams.

Also, Hive has brought many incredible people my way, and they all matter. However, @kenechukwu97 has proven his worth with his actions since I met him. He is a kindhearted soul who values family and true friendship. He creates time for his loved ones, and he is a very good planner.

Knowing well how I hardly stick to timing on getting things done. Kene will have the duty of helping with my schedule , and his words, though sometimes harsh, are filled with love and kindness to aid my dreem space. He is also a finance enthusiast, which makes him plan ahead of anything.

Whenever I am in need of help, he always creates time to help out and put me through things. He is the kind of person who prefers actions to words, which is an additional cake to the icing for me.

His positive values of planning tasks ahead will surely help with my negative act of procrastination.

Dreemie, which I love calling her. She is an amazing mother/grandma, and also someone who believes one’s dreem can be achieved as long as you want to. However, we all know life can bring challenges to our feet whenever it sees fit, especially when things seem to be going very well. However, knowing @dreemsteem, she is a woman of strong faith who sees a way out when things fall apart.

Having her in my dreem space means there will always be a way out because while creating and most especially working towards my dreem space, I don't expect it to be smooth. There'll be challenges on my way, and while I am filled with great determination, things can get overwhelming for me at times.

This is why I need her, especially when the overwhelming part sets in as she possesses the deep positive value of faith in the raging storm.

The teem members mentioned have something in common. They are all kind, selfless, and hold a very strong value toward humanity. They are the type whose helping hands can be seen helping others while they are having their struggles.

I know each of them know their duties so well that they'll do more than I have envisaged, which is why they are the dreemers for my teem. Also, they resonate with my dreem space. The peace, love, beauty of nature, and… the presence of fireflies. The next part of my dreem step begins with them, and they are worth seeing every inch of the beauty inside it.

Therefore, if you see the wonders of a fairy tale in my life, just know I work towards the future with my 3 dreemers despite the failure. So, l leave you with this song.

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Video used is from #YouTube.

Still yours truly,

Thanks for reading.

Peace be unto those who crave it and more to those who chase it away.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 184 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you 😊

This is a very solid teem. A teem that can go beyond borders to make the impossible to become possible.

It's interesting to see the dynamics of each teem member and it's really exciting to build a teem with this caliber of people. Haha. I'm glad I also made it to the list. Now, we look forward to building something remarkable for the future.

Yes, the teem members are really solid and incredibly fascinating. Thanks for stopping by 😊. Yeah, let's do that.

So thoughtful and I'm sure that your dreem team will do an amazing job of bringing your dream to light

They sure will. Thank you .

Who is cutting onions? 😍😍😍😍

I love you to the moon and back sis. Ever since I have known you, you have been a part of my world.

It's an honor for me to be part of your dreem space and as we walk this journey together, know that you're never alone as I will be with you every step of the way.

Lol. Drama queen. Welcome in. I know you'll make a drama outta this. Hehe, it is beautiful to see anyway.

I know you will be in every step. What other choice do you have...lol.

I know you will be in every step. What other choice do you have...lol.

Hahaha none at all.

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A beautiful text, I'm sure the three members of your team also love you as much as you love them. Best wishes

Thank you. I am sure they will. I hope you are well.

I am good, I also have a good team that accompanies me. Best regards

That's very good. Have a nice day 😊

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I love the confidence you have in your teem and the amazing qualities they've got. You surely didn't make a mistake choosing them and I do with this teem the very best


Yes, no mistake in any of them. Thanks for your kind words.

ehhehe i'm glad you just said that i was om your teem - oh - domt mimd all my m's... my letter m doesm't work om this keyboard. hahaha ask Kemechukwu all about it LOLOLOL

but i'm glad you said it - because of course I didm't see all the posts but mow I had to come fimd yours!

I am so happy to be a part of your teem - amd you kmow you're part of mime - evem though I didm't write a post. I have over 20 people om our dreem teem - that post would have beem too lomg hahahahahaha

but i'm homored to be mamed as part of yours
amd Keme? yes. hehehe he is all that amd more

but I didmt kmow Rukkie as deeply as you - but your words are defimitely makimg me wamt to come get to kmow her evem more mow heheheheh

love you Queem B :)

Hehe, thanks for your beautiful words... haha, and I'll just overlook your m's, hehe.

Oh, that's good. Well, reason it is good to be vocal.

I know I am. Your lovely dreemers are always on your mind. That's because you are a beautiful soul.

Yes, he surely is, and I know there's more to him...

Haha, well, she's an amazing person, and yeah, getting to know her will be very fun 😉.

Love you, Dreemie 😍.