Wow, I am impressed :) Looks like this group was created literally for you :D Looking forward to your content.

Lol right!? Thanks for stopping by and I await your content as well.😀

I'm glad to see you also join with outdoors community. I read your introduction and I think you're very active for outdoor activities. Looking forward more outdoors later.

Thank you my friend.😀


Looks like an awesome bike, love to find out more about the set up!

Thank you.😀

I'll be publishing a detailed article showing all the different elements, specs and costs in the near future.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Likewise, I'll look forward to more posts!

A fellow biker! Welcome to Hive!

Thank you very much, it's nice to meet you.

Really awesome man! A fellow cyclist! :D Welcome to the community!
Sending you 10 SBI since you participated in the introduction-ceremony! :)

Thank you very much, my friend.😀

I just worked Omaha last summer from as hail storm.. there's a campground in Iowa.. about 12 miles in.. past Council Bluffs.. I'll invite you out next time I'm out there.. or maybe you'll run into my gypsying around Colorado

Sounds like a plan. Nice to meet you. 😀

Do you live in Colorado?

I live in a converted short bus.. but currently living in Littleton CO

Ah, I live in a camper myself. I'll have to DM you if I head out there anytime soon. I'm quite familiar with that area.