What to do when things go wrong?

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I can honestly say upfront that generally anyone who plans a social event, a party, a holiday, a trip, or even a business meeting do not necessarily anticipate anything major going wrong. That is unless you have been stung once and then forever afterwards you include a Plan B just in case. Learning through trial and error has to be among the most poignant of life's experiences. Our best teachers are letdowns, surprise cancellations, unforeseen breakdowns, traffic hold-ups, sudden illnesses and natural disasters etc. The list is fairly long and depending on one's age it could be concluded that middle aged persons or #silverblogger have experienced them all.

Just imagine a group of guests at a dinner party celebrating #the lifestylelounge event, discussing what they did and how they coped when things went wrong at different times in their lives. There would be recounts of nightmare flight delays, traffic delays with floods and accidents or the booking at an overseas hotel was not done and no rooms at the inn. Or having to pay for a second lot of tickets to fly from Maui to Brisbane Australia because of an error the staff made. Just imagine the oohs, aahs, laughs and condolences.

While there are circumstances we can change and or fix, many others unfortunately cannot be. As hard as it is your only recourse at these challenging times is to stay calm, patient and understand Difficult to do but it does beats simmering annoyance which is not healthy for the blood pressure or for emotional or psychological well-being. This is what I tell myself! We all have our own strategies to deal with the best way we can.

It is a safe bet, that life deals out the joker card occasionally, it is a Murphy's Law moment giving us the practice of learning patience, tolerance and understanding. It is another safe bet that there will always be a new learning experience around the corner coming to bite us when we least expect it.


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Good morning sun, thank you for your shining light of happy expectations for the new day. I see you from the fast moving car and attempt to capture your essence as you peep through from the night sky. I only have a nano second, but I chance it anyway.

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