D.Buzz Weekly Project Update from D.Buzz (Vol.6)

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D.Buzz Weekly Project Update from D.Buzz (Vol.6).

Hello Guys and Gals,

This week over here at the Buzz, our computer jockeys are riding them computers hard.

We have seen that some issues are popping up with different files, not opening. We believe this is because, over the last few weeks, we rolled out a lot of modifications and changes to our code base and updates. Woot, but also, urgh...

During our morning meeting over coffee, we decided it was time. A refactoring was needed. So, the Great refactoring of D.Buzz has commenced and is underway as we release this article.

If you don't know what this means, "refactoring" is the process of taking existing code and restructuring it. It is changing the "factoring" of the system without necessarily affecting the behavior of the code—sort of like rearranging your living room for more enjoyment. All the parts are still there just in different places and laid out better.

We are starting this process to improve the internal code design and streamline the future growth of D.Buzz.

The D.Buzz code wizards informed me that this might take about a week to complete.

With this goal in mind, here are the updates to D.Buzz for this week.

Updates for 7/28/2020:


As mentioned above, the major refactor of the viewing post module to fix missing posts & notifications. Currently, is in the ongoing development and testing phase.


And, even more with the refactoring.
We are Refactoring the entire app, where it directly calls the API.


I know the other updates are not sexy and fun, so I asked if we can make a surprise announcement about what's coming soon, and the boss said okay.

D.Buzz / Dark Mode!

Yes, we are developing a dark mode skin for D.Buzz. A lot of revamping to the UI to facilitate the Dark Mode is happening, along with optimization and Enhancements. Expect this to be rolled out (* soon?).


Lastly. A personal milestone for us. By the use of our system, we have onboarded the following 8 new users to HIVE!


Welcome friends. I hope you enjoy your experience here in the HIVE and you post many great things to D.Buzz. :D

The team at D.Buzz, is highly dedicated to the growth and development of the HIVE blockchain and our platform. We welcome any feedback from the community to help further growth of D.Buzz, or how we can further the growth of HIVE.

We hope you are staying safe and healthy wherever you are. Please wear a mask and wash your hands.

D.Buzz over and out.


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Dark skin for @dbuzz sounds amazing! Can't wait to try it! :)

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Well, I hope that Twitter does not look at D.Buzz as a competitor they want to ban on their own platform.

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Welcome to D.Buzz and Hive! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Perhaps we should remind @grace1994 to make her first post here!

Rooting for ya. This seems like a good project.

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Waiting for the dark mode! Thanks for the update guys.

Cool stuff! Good luck with the restructuring of the code.