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Well, i don't like to write in a diary my thoughts, but it's so hard when you try on your own to get through the day and the only thing you do is to cry all day because the stress, the sadness and all of the bad emotions are in the highest level. Is 18/07 at 20:00 pm right now and i'm not sure if i will share this post in the end because it's something personal for me, but i needed to write my thought on a paper.

We had lockdown 'cause of the covid and there weren't many jobs. Every person who hadn't job couldn't find anything and also many people had their jobs until the covid. because many stores closed and so many people lost theit job.

After many years i managed to find a job, but i left. I don't know if it was right or wrong, i just knew one thing. That job wasn't for me. For almost a month i keep searching about jobs, but the phone isn't ringing, so yeah this situation makes me sad and angry at the same time. The only thing that i know is that i need some money, so i had to power down to get some HIVE. I thought about 10 HIVE only because is hard to power up again, but the prize is so low right now and maybe i would need more than 10 HIVE. Well, i have a kid (a cat which his name is Dot) and he will need some food.

Actually there are many jobs close to my city, but every employer asks for work experience which i don't have at sales/marketing. My first job was in a factory because i hadn't the chance to go in TEI or IEK (both of them are schools below from university but one level up than high school). I didn't want to work again i a factory but is in my option now and the bad thing is that i found some factories but those buildings are far away from my city.

Well, i keep searching because i have no choise. We get a allowence and is not enough and my grandparents help us with some food every month but they will not live forever.

I just need one thing to go well because so far is a hell for me.

Well, i never tried before (i mean to write my thoughts) and i really feel relief.

It's 20:48, i am still angry of this situation but in some way i'm feeling better. Still i don't know if i will publish it.

It's 23:51pm and i decided to publish it on Monday.


So sorry you are not having a great time right now. I know well what that feels like - just remember that this WILL pass and you will be smiling again! Chin up and keep your focus ONLY on the things you CAN be happy and grateful for! <3

Thank you @jaynie i'm feeling already better after the publishing of the post.

I am very glad to hear that!

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