Project 'Roadside Attraction' - Logan Rules The Water!


On the road again!
Just can't wait to get back
On the road again!

I've always wanted to start a post with a quote from Willie Nelson. Check! Got that one off the list.

And though I didn't know it until last week, I've always wanted to build a prototype of a Roadside Attraction with my son, Logan.

What's a Roadside Attraction? Logan delved into the subject in his second week of school. Seizing the subject for a writing idea, I published a detailed post that same day.

Logan Loves Water


Now that you're all caught up about Roadside Attractions, let me share Logan's idea. It was born out of his love for water. He pretty much loves it in all forms.

Bring Logan to the beach or swimming pool and it's smiles ear to ear. Tell him it's too cold and, man, he won't be happy with you. But swimming isn't where his idea stemmed from.

Drinking water inspired the idea. Except for ice, Logan lives water in all forms. He doesn't dislike ice and he likes snow. Swimming and drinking water, however, definitely are his favorites.

Logan's idea for a Roadside Attraction was a water store on the coastline in the city we live. For his roadside signage, he decided (with our help) to build a huge water bottle.

Dissention From Mom


My dear wife sorta tried to sabotage his idea, cause she didn't think it fit with what the teacher wanted. So she talked to Logan and they changed it. And then she got sick with a bad head cold.

When the teacher asked Logan about his progress on Friday, he was at a loss for words. I had to jump in onscreen (cause we're Covid homeschooling) and explain our dilemma.

Logan's teacher came to the rescue and said she thought the water bottle was a great idea. So it was that we returned to his original plan.

Help From Mom


She might be a trouble maker but mom rallied this weekend despite not feeling well. Starting wasn't easy either. I had picked up some crafting supplies from the store, but we weren't sure how it would work out.

So how did we do it? We cut up a bunch of 12 ounce water bottles and hit them with the hot glue gun. It was a pain at first. I literally burned my finger. But the glue held the pieces of plastic together as we had hoped.


It wasn't easy to take that picture without giving everyone the middle finger in the process. After a while, we got better with the glue gun and the bottle started coming together.


We ended up gluing three levels of plastic circles together to get the height. Smaller pieces made the top. These were glued only to the ones below them and not to each other.

A flame helped them curl in and I found a large top from a plastic vegetable oil bottle for the finish. All in all, it was quite a bit of work.

Logan disappeared during much of the bottle gluing process, but he did paint the entire base. He told us he liked it at the end. I told him if he didn't, we could tear it all apart and he could build it how he wanted it. Nope. He likes it! Lol.

String Lights In The Dark


Dark image captures are tough with the cellphone but it shows the illumination of the bottle. The lights were flashing so the capture misses some effects.


This mirror pic does it better justice. There's another picture taker in there and myself, waving in the mirror. Logan's Roadside Attraction takes center stage. It was a family project that turned out great and one Logan can be proud of.

Thanks for your attention and as always...



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I would say that turned out well despite a few setbacks.

Hey. Thanks! We were wondering what to do with it now and I thought it would make a great night light.

How you all doing? Hanging in there in Suriname?

That sounds like a plan since it can't literally be a roadside attraction.

We are still surviving here, only to keep a landlord happy and not much else. We just noticed Bangladesh has opened borders and is open to the Khmerican Family Abroad arriving with a few bags and not much else. There we could live on 1/6th of what it takes here, and perhaps the family could go back to Cambodia for a visit without me.

It might be Chittagong for us in less than a couple months, only time will tell.


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This was indeed a family effort! Congrats on this cool bottle project hihi!