Roaming Spirit Feasting Your Eyes

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Wednesday Walk Through My Lens

Triviality of life fades away, spaciousness of mind and eye roaming, endlessly looking up with soaring notion something awaits around every corner.


Most days something is waiting to feast your eyes, new acquaintance in fauna or flora revealing hidden secrets right before you.


Three Bronze Mannikin Birds

Never expecting always looking, a task photographers love, light, angles, something different all go into opportunity once you open your mind.


Three Vervet Monkeys Doing Monkey Business

Let out to allow in our roaming creative hungry minds never quelled, there is always some more to discover.


Sunbird Quenching It's Thirst On Nectar

Opportunity awaits outdoors, once expectant eyes start looking, an unquenchable appetite for mental stimulation on a budget is walking around locally.


Small Bat (8-10 cm) Catching Early Evening Insects Above My Head

What is happening around my surroundings, who is visiting today, will I be able to capture them or will they walk/fly away.


Sunset Tomorrow We Rinse And Repeat Again - Ever Changing Scenery

Special for Make Me Smile is the tried and tested tightrope walk the monkeys do quite regularly, a short cut onto the roof from the light pole on the street, using phone lines that no longer work.


Trapeze Artist

Sounds so familiar to humans, always looking for a quick way around...


Join the with Wednesday walk with @tattoodjay is a wonderful opening to showcase what you see or find, a weekly release from social dilemma of being confined anywhere, come join in and share your walk whether it be long or short.

Life never has boring moments remember to share Make Me Smile with by @elizacheng when doing your walk post, a smile a day keeps the doctor away,


Please correct me if I am wrong with any identification, photography is all taken on a Canon SX730 HS by yours truly while roaming around finding more in life. If you like what you see, I look forward to your visiting, dropping a message and saying hello. If you would like to use any photographs please make contact before using.


Thought for Today: You can stay a thousand miles away from home and still see inside. - African Proverb

!pinmapple -30.0836005 lat 30.8678566 long Sapphire Coast South Africa D3SCR

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These are great photos, my favorites are the sunset one... and the one that have the little birds.

Sunsets were are most spoiled with, thanks for visiting and kind comment @tripode

You captured the feeling I have when I go out for a photo adventure and every day it is an adventure for out in nature it is always changing! Lovely capture of the birds (and monkeys!) I like seeing the different birds from around the world - such diversity! Do the birds migrate there and if so are many just returning with your coming Spring?

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A lovely Wednesday Walk post Joan. I love seeing the Trapeze Artist. It is so foreign to me to see monkeys frolicking freely around the yard.

Bats are scarce here now. They became infected with white nose syndrome and I haven’t seen any the last few years. Bats are great at eating the mosquitos and flies in the evenings.


Sun being up a little later we start noticing them now, always hear them at night sounding their way around town.

Have a wonderful weekend Jo.

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That is a great balancing act on that phone wire they certainly know how to do them Trapeze 😅

Monkeys move through the properties daily, fortunately we have more laughs at their antics than being upset by occasional raiding of homes.

Nice birds and monkey lol!

Life is forever on the move, enjoy stopping to watch them. Thanks for visiting @orlandumike

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Thanks for pin @pinmapple have a great Thursday.

I love the pic of the monkey as well as the birds.... simply beautiful images!

Trees are like highways with all the wildlife going through daily @mers thanks for visiting, appreciated.

What a lovely walk such beautiful shots so cool seeing the birds and monkeys and i love that sunset

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Summer birds are arriving in great numbers getting ready for breeding season with much manly showing off going on. Little bat arriving during sunset was a highlight for me personally. Wishing you a wonderful Thursday.

And as they arrive there but they are leaving here enjoy the season if their visit

That sunset picture is astounding. I feel every day is a new day, uncertain maybe adventurous. You are blessed that you live in such an amazing place where guests come to meet you...

Get outdoors regularly, yes very fortunate in having a busy back garden @priyanarc

Lol those are absolutely beautiful shots! that monkey is really up to something!

No regrets making the move down from Johannesburg to Durban forty years ago, so much on the move all the time Joe @joetunex

Lol I will no doubt do the same as I love the coast more than the inland. There is a project coming in DBN at Cherry beach I might be part of the team coming down there 🙂

Made the move before children arrived, returned after birth of our son for six months, realized that returning was a wrong move and came back to settle for good.

Not sure where Cherry beach is will look it up on the maps, enjoy it is a slower paced life, not easier in any descriptive way.

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Your photos with the story will never disappoint :-)

Thanks for finding my post again and visiting @bucipuci nature always dropping in to greet us, wherever we live.

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The monkey on the wire is hilarious, and yes, exactly what they do. Little monkeys after all. To be surrounded by that kind of nature has got to be breathtaking, and makes for an adventurous mind. I smile at your wildlife, living among you, and wish I could have a piece of that.

I have lots of nature, but, none quite as exciting as yours. When did you realize just how lucky you were to be planted in the middle of all this, never wanting to leave?

Thank you for the beauty, the sunset was beauteous! The colors were extraordinary!

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These little monkeys are expressive in so many ways one does stop to enjoy their antics.

Moving to the coast forty years ago, taking a massive dive in earnings was not something done lightly or without thought, still happy we made the move even though too much development has taken place.

Appreciate the share and tip, lovely comment and visit Denise, saving flowers for another post, changing to vibrant summer @dswigle

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Your posts often make me a bit jealous! But lucky for me, you post them and I get to enjoy South Africa vicariously.

Life in the garden always new opportunities, something different to see, glad you enjoyed visiting again @owasco I am always grateful and enjoy sharing.

I love the sunset photo, and the monkey on the wire!!

Sunsets provide such a variety of moods at the end of each day, moving across from right corner of garden to middle now with summer approaching.

Have a great Thursday @rynow