[Blog] Today I Became a Dolphin + Moving Update + School Starting + Redfish Content Showcase

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(photo taken by me, image made with canva.com)

Hello Hive!

Today I am taking a break after yesterday's marathon effort. My @actifit total went way higher than I expected, and it would of gone even higher if I didn't have to charge my phone.


I probably actually ended up north of 20,000 if I carried my phone with me the entire time. Anyways I feel destroyed after that so we decided to take a day off and will unpack the truck tomorrow. Uhaul gave us a free day, which is awesome!

Speaking of which, check out what I spied on the side of our truck.

truck 1.jpg
truck 2.jpg

How did they know our little poms were going on an adventure?

Lewis & Clark

I wonder... if we ever get a female pom, do we name her Sacajawea?

Anway, I thought that was pretty funny in an ironic sort of way.

Today is Hive #PowerUpDay which I believe is hosted by @HiveBuzz check out the page by clicking the image below to learn all about it.


By some stroke of genius I decided to power-down my Steem some weeks ago now, and what-do-you-know! Today was power down day!

I didn't have much over there, but now I'm glad it's all out.


Transferred an imperfect half to my wonderful, beautiful and amazing wife @pommom


Who powered up as well!


Putting that former STEEM to better use, I'd say.

(Still kinda' sad that things worked out this way.)

Anyway the cool this is that by doing so I earned two cool badges.

The first is this one:

Which is cool, don't get me wrong.

What's truly awesome is I didn't think I'd ever get this one.


I'm a freaking Dolphin now! How crazy is that?!

I thought I was a Minnow for life, but lately I've been truly taken by the platform. I've moved a portion of my meager holdings over here and given out some delegations to help the communities I've grown to really enjoy. Such as the #freewriters community and the #mycalifornia community. I've hesitated auto-voting on a curation trail, honestly I far prefer manual voting - but I might give it a go if anyone recommends it.

Though I feel if I did commit to a curation trail, I'd do far more upvoting - which I guess is a good thing.

In addition to all of this, the college semester started yesterday D:

We had to miss it because we were driving interstate and because of that we missed out on a math lecture. Today we had a 'lab' class where we broke up into groups to answer questions. I'm honestly horrible at math. I took beginning algebra last semester and I tortured myself getting through it.

The last time I attempted math was over 10 years ago in high school.

It was a massive challenge for me even then. See I already have a natural aversion to math which becomes amplified if distractions are involved. My mind doesn't take to it very easily and will seek any escape it can.

Last semester I must have had 3 full on melt-downs over binomials, trinomials and quadratics. Factor factor factor.

Funny thing is, that was actually the easy part.

I really enjoy math when I can do it.

It's getting to that point that really sucks.

I have to say that if I didn't bring myself to the point of quitting and crying last semester, there's no change in hell I would of gotten the B I did, and I'd have absolutely no chance now.

This class is beginning statistics, the school of math I'll have to become very familiar with for my Business Administration degree I'm hoping to one day get.

Today was revision of beginning algebra stuff so I had a lot of fun with it.

Here's some of the work they had us do today. My apologies for the horrendous handwriting.
Note the lack of massive graphite smears across the page, or note how the page isn't crinkled up or being soaked in gasoline to be lit on fire in a fit of rage. That my friends is what progress looks like!

Anyway, my wife is the math major. Honestly she's amazing at it. I'm blessed to have such a great in-house tutor, her saintly patience is the only reason I haven't given up yet.

Overall it has been a good start. Though adjusting to the American education system has been interesting. You guys delegate so much learning to 3rd parties, it seems I'm navigating to different company portals with each class I take.

Economics will be no different I'm sure! hahhaha

Before I go I'd like to showcase some content from an awesome creator I recently discovered.

His name is @jearyjoe and he uploads some of the most inspirational posts I've read on Hive. Here's a shot of his latest post to the #GEMS community


I implore you to check out his work and chuck him a well deserved upvote


He often talks about the virtues of self determination and the dignity of hard work. HE offers inspirational quotes from respected leaders and philosophical and poetic insights all directed toward inspiring the reader.

Here's an example of his poetry

You can read the rest of this enjoyable piece HERE

I often feel the urge to get-up and get going with a personal idea or project of mine everytime I read one of his blogs. They fill me with a sense of possibility; that it exists for all of us, and that challenge is to be embraced, and that the journey toward success is to be enjoyed and valued.

This one here is in my top 3 all-time favorite posts I've read on Hive.


The post can be found here, https://peakd.com/hive-148441/@jearyjoe/wake-up-from-slumber-or-or-a-letter-to-folks-in-the-3rd-world-countries. It has messages that resonate with me and I'm not from a developing nation. Truly worth your time.

If you're intersted in consistently good content from a redfish - @jearyjoe is my recommendation today.

On that note folks, I think the brats are ready!

That's my queue to go eatin'

Have a great one. Stay safe!

Also, I'm still planning on doing the So-Cal blogs I had lined up, these past few weeks have just been so hectic, lol.

Thanks again!

~ Simon.


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Congratulations on the power up! I hope you will join this fantastic initiative, which @traciyork is handling while @streetstyle is away, again next month. The number of participants this month has just skyrocketed!

And yes, your female pom should be called Sacajawea

Oh, and also like you, I don't do numbers... 😂

Oh I'll join it again next month for sure! Oddly enough it has become something to look forward to, lol. Next time I'm going to try for the higher badge, lol

Likewise! As for the badges, we shall see...I speak for myself...🤭

Maths is a no go, accounting is fine although you appear to hit the nail on the head achieving both PUD and Dolphin congratulations!

Yeah what a bonus that was, lol. Strangely enough my auditing positions didn't use much math at all, beyond super basic algebra and arithmetic.
Thankfully Hive is full of programmers who are all math wizards, I'm sure if I put a call out there I'd get 50 tutors minimum hahahahha

Answers always come if one asks, great how this all fell into place for you.

A big Congratulations on your new achievement. I must say that you truly earned it!

I don't know if there's any word that would adequately express my gratitude for your unflinching support. You just made my day from the start! Thanks for being totally amazing.
You rock you freaking dolphin😃!!!

Cheers mate, it's great content that will make Hive a true worldwide phenomenon

I can't agree with you more my big dolphin... You truly are an inspiration


Thank you for publishing it to our community feed!
Compliments of the PHC founder @jaynie...

We have tweeted, upvoted and reblogged it for you.

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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omg thanks! I wondered if this was the kinda' content that would be allowed there. I need to relax more I think, lol

To be honest that natural aversion is 90% of the problem, at least for me. Not too long ago I started teaching myself how to code, so had to do a lot of brush-up math. Kind of like it now...even though it's still pretty basic stuff

Congratulations on Dolphinhood

Congratulations on becoming a dolphin @johneyreacko 🎉🎉🎉