Satellites launched to link us to bitcoin blockchain without using wifi and the coming covid second wave

For the first time in history money has been separated from state in the form of Bitcoin. And now a satellite has just gone up into the stratosphere to run Bitcoin nodes without the need for an internet connection. This is looking more and more like liberation by the moment.

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If you trade Bitcoin you may have heard of Bitmex. They are the ones who have just set up the satellite system for Blockstream. Now we can connect to the Bitcoin blockchain without internet. You could call this another great leap for mankind, like walking on the moon or launching the world wide web.

All you need to do to run your own sovereign decentralized operation, is to “put up a satellite dish, point it in the right direction, connect it to a laptop running Linux and some custom Blockstream software, along with a modified version of Bitcoin Core 0.19.1.”

So if you have headed for the hills, so to speak, because you are fleeing the NWO invasion that is coming, then you can set up your survival shelter, off the grid, and off the internet, while still linking up to the bitcoin blockchain. How cool is that!

The coming second wave of engineered covid pandemic and even harder lockdown, will inspire still more wise people to leave the cities and head for the shelter of forests and mountains to fend for themselves. The planned crash of the world economy is being forced upon us by the NWO elite, who wish to vaccinate us all, every one of us.

The depopulation Agenda 2030 has been planned a long time ago and here it comes. Banks will crash. The dollar will crash. Nations will collapse. Engineered food shortages are coming. It is the Great Reset, as they call it, and you are not invited.

Unless you take the vaccine, agree to be tracked and traced, and submit to becoming a slave. Well I don’t consent to the fake virus ideology, or socialism in any form as perpetrated by the NWO demons. I am a fighter for freedom of speech, of consciousness and of identity. Sovereign individuals like me have dumped the banks and fiat by buying bitcoin as a store of value and medium of exchange.

When I head for the hills, and go off the grid, I will use my solar panel and battery to run my laptop and I will be able to tap in to the bitcoin blockchain via this new satellite setup. Now all I need is the dish. Now is the time to prepare, just before the second wave (worse engineered strain of virus than the first) arrives in coming weeks.

As we get pushed into an even harder lockdown in coming weeks, and food shortages kick in, thanks to engineered crop destruction in numerous countries, then it is those who are prepared and forewarned that will survive.

This is the biggest global grand move by the NWO criminals who run our entire planet, but pirates like me will always survive because we don’t obey immoral laws made by mafia states or “djal” demons who run those states from behind the scenes. We use the pirate currency, namely bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

I had better check out the details, as this may be a closer event that I realize and the future is about to get even more unreal than the past six months, especially in the Empire, or should I say the old commonwealth, like here in South Africa. UK is getting it served up to them as I write this. Track and trace and test every single UK citizen in a week, is what Boris Johnson the Prime Minister is saying this week.

And if you don’t test yourself and prove negative, you can’t go outside today to shop or anything. That’s how severe the dictatorial lockdown empire is becoming. Chinese social credit score anyone? It’s on the way. This past six months was just the first wave, there are one or two more to come, and they are worse that the first.

This is just what I have heard – rumors only at this stage, so don’t quote me. Still, I am not going to be caught unaware and I do not trust any government at all at this stage. They all complied with the UN and WHO. They were forced to lock us down and collapse their economies in order to get billions of dollars in LOANS, as well as keep their heads basically.

It’s every human for themselves at this stage, so get out of the cities, grow your own food and buy Bitcoin, seeds and whatever you need to defend yourself and survive, that’s my message to everyone right now. The coming USA elections will be brutal. Like we’ve never seen in our lifetime. Are you ready?

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Does Bitcoin have a decentralized peer to peer (P2P) ad-hoc network that can bypass centralized internet service providers (ISP), global service providers (GSP), DNS, Internet backbone server centers, etc? Is it using something like Bit Torrent or IPFS or Substratum? I need to learn more about BitMex. I support your advice in the conclusion of your post here, I totally agree.

Those are all very valid questions Joey, and it appears as if this new satelite sytem will be independent of all the legacy systems that you mention, though I am no expert. And this is very new technology. Let's do some research and find out more.

And I'm glad you can relate to my insights here on the coming concerns. It pays to at least have a backup plan now, even if you don't need to impiment it.