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#Grovid20 - what is it? A tag you and me and all of us are going to get trending in these times when everyone is posting #covid19 posts.

@tigerlily came up with the tag as a counter to all the sadness and negativity going around.

#grovid20 can be so many things. Share your garden, share the animals you are raising, share some yummy food you are making from something fresh, share the painting inspired by your garden (or your friend's, neighbor's, sister's garden). If in doubt, ask Tiger Lily what she thinks.

Today, I am going to show you some fun I had with the photos of my garden.

I have an account on a Steem as marianne.sand and mostly use it on the blockchain based app called Appics. It is still in beta and you need to have test flight to join it.

One of the filters on the app is called Kaleidoscope and it is one of my favorites.

Do you know that you have already seen the picture above in one of my posts? Just the original, not the altered version.

Here it is as a reminder.

Did you recognize it? If you did - good for you.

Let me show you a couple more.

What are you looking at now?

Any idea?

I will show you further down and you are going to totally know it. In the meantime, do you see little faces here?

And what about this one? What do you see?

I think one of my favorite things to do with these Kaleidoscopes is to hunt for the faces.

Here are the originals.

A geranium. Did you guess that?

And a bunch of microgreens 😜

I hope you had fun with this and maybe, you also want to try out some photo apps. I think you can turn a very ordinary photo into something worthy for a post. No need to steal images from our big friend google 😈

Join the #grovid20 movement and drop a link to your post in the comments. I will tweet it out and maybe feature it in a future post.

Check out this awesome #Grovid20 poster!

@Elizabeth V. has taken to #Grovid20 with a passion. Please visit her posts and give her some garden encouragement!! Here is one of them: https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/grovid20-the-mint-will-survive~MzAyOTA1

Btw. she left a link on one of my Grovid posts!

Join me on Uptrennd. Here is my referral link: https://www.uptrennd.com/signup/NjgxMzg If you use it, we both get 100 1Up



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That's a pretty cool idea! I'll see what I can come up with. I haven't been in the app for a while and you create those right in Appics? Cool!

yes, right in Appics. I like that function so much!!

I will need to go back to check it out! I never downloaded it to this new phone. Time to do it!