My sunsets in pictures | The afternoon is falling.

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I have always been fascinated by sunsets. I am an eternal lover of the sky. I feel in each color that it gives to my eyes, a caress, a hug, a look.

The sky flirts with me and I fall at its feet. Camera in hand, I run out to photograph it to eternalize these moments.


Every afternoon from my terrace, the show is unique. Today, I give myself pink colors that made the end of my day happier.

Life has its setbacks, like dark afternoons, but always, in the end, there is a twist and it changes to smiling colors that make us happy.


Today, the sky made me happy. I share it with you always wanting to show how beautiful life is and how many times we waste it on nonsense that makes no sense.


Changing from within makes us see life differently.



The best voices are those born from the heart.

Thank you for taking the time for this reading.



All the pictures of the skies are my property, taken with the camera of my cell phone, Alcatel Tetra, from the terrace of my house in Barcelona, Venezuela.

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Lovely thoughts and pictures, @marybellrg! Like you, I am so often rejuvenated by the beauty of the evening sky.

Lovely thoughts and pictures, @marybellrg! Like you, I am so often rejuvenated by the beauty of the evening sky.

Wow, there's really nothing like these shows of nature to make you happy. Thank you very much for your visit, full of joy and good vibes my publication, dear @jayna. A hug back to you

How beautiful mornings in Venezuela smell of freshly brewed coffee and hope.

No se si el traductor logra captar la palabra Cafe recién colao.... asi que te la escribo en Español. Saludos.

Que bonita las mañanas en Venezuela, huelen a cafe recién colao y a esperanza.

Coloque amanecer y es atardecer...

jajaja tranquila, me alegra mucho que lo hayas disfrutado y la verdad es que no hay como un café recién colao. Un abrazo y gracias por la visita!. @eve66

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The best voices are those born from the heart.

Thank you for these lovely shots. They sure do lift the spirit.

And the most beautiful thing is that, without a doubt, they gladden the heart. I'm so glad you liked them. Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome! @owasco


Me sentí en un atardecer, o simplemente despegandome del mundo y paralizandome, en ese momento donde el cielo nos dice que se va una estrella pero llegan miles.
(esa frase es mia, la guardare para proximas ocaciones).

Que hermoso es leerte siempre, es un salto a sentirse en paz.

Palabras de entrada magníficas:

"El cielo me coquetea y caigo a sus pies"

Un fuerte abrazo ymilesde bendiciones.

Gracias a tí por tu apreciación y ese comentario tan enriquecedor. El cielo y sus atardeceres son uno de esos regalos que vale la pena detenerse a admirar y porque no?, a eternizar en una fotografía. Un abrazo para ti y gracias por la visita! @rafaelgreen