30 Days Blog Challenge (Day 22) - 3 Personality traits you're proud of

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Hello! Today is the 22nd day of my blog challenge, and the theme for today is 3 PERSONALITY TRAITS I'M PROUD OF. Well, I have so many personality traits I'm proud of, but the challenge said three, so let me mention three.


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I'm Always Early

I don't joke with time and I think I will thank my mom for this personality, she made me always take note of the time while I was still young, she would always allocate time for everything even for a meeting she's suppose to attend, she always work with time. She bought me my first wristwatch when I was 5years old, and made me her time P.A., I never knew she was teaching how to always work with my timing. And today, it's part of me. She'd say, If you are 5minutes before time, you are early, if you are ON time, then you are late.


The one reason I don't make promises, is because I feel hurt if I can't keep to them. So, whenever someone ask me to promise, I refuse, I try as much as possible to keep to my word instead. My no be my no, and my yes be my yes. Once I say, I will do something, even if it will take time, I always make sure I do it. My word is my bond and I live by my word.


As much as I would love to give credit to my mom for this also, I think a major part of it will go to my Late Elder Brother Owen. Every morning before going to school as a child, Owen will dress me up, while dressing me up, he will say, you white should remain white when you return, and if the way I tucking your dress changes, I will punish you when you return. I fall victim one time to this instruction and I was punished, the punishment was to study with him for a week without playing with my friends in the compound, come see me crying whenever it's study time. After that event, I go to school neat and return neat, even after playing in school, I make sure I manage the play so I don't get dirty. And that have been with me till date, my clothes always ironed like my elder brother taught me, one stain on my wear and I start feeling uncomfortable with it. Owen will say, If you stay clean, your heart will be clean, and you will know God, because God love a clean heart


So, there you have it, 3 of my proud personality traits, please share yours with me. This is my 22nd day of the 30 days blog challenge, we have @macchiata, @wolfofstreet, @suffgrace, @lauramica, @janettyanez, @pejupops, @buttonn, @martinstomisin, @tripode and @starstrings01 already on this challenge. The goal of this challenge is to keep Hivers active on the Hive Blockchain and also solving the issue of not knowing what to write about.

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Do you have OCD or something like that? For the features you just mentioned i think it would hit you a bit!

I don't understand, what are you asking if I have?

Ohhh, now I know what you mean. No actually, I don't have that. I had to look up the meaning, thanks though, I have learn something new today. But no, I don't have that.

Hahahahahaha i sometimes think i have it.

Lol, why will you think that?

Because sometimes i feel like a weirdo... in my projects i always have to have everything in order, clean, in its place. I think it's a thing for every designer.

Well, I don't think mine is that though, I just like keeping things in check

Excellent. Being punctual is a great virtue. It seems simple but not everyone can be (myself included).

Thank you very much. I keep trying my best to always stay punctual at all times.