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While out walking one day, he started saying what needed to be said:

The walls are not so high
that we can't see each other over them

Our pupils now dilate
let in more light
dispel lives-long delusions

Circling back
we arrive at a changed spot of the infinite
a spot of fuller beings
our hearts powered by crows taking flight

A spark of the infinite
has taken hold

You will see

But not today
and not until you are ready
to bask in your own source
of knowing

This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Today's prompt was lonely. Please come write one of your own. It doesn't have to be a poem. It doesn't even have to be a thing. Just come join us, because togetherness is where it's at.

Something is happening. Can you feel it?


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Nice poetry @owasco

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First of all the picture is very cool.. This poem is very meditative like. I can almost hear myself saying this my.. ummm.. I guess you could say my other self. lol. Either way, I love it! Great writing 😊

Freewriting poetry is a meditative state for me - I'm glad it reads that way. And that you love it. Thanks for the comment!

I love this poem. This really spoke to me.

The walls are not so high
that we can't see each other over them

It's true we all have walls, but this is a glimpse that walls can be scaled if we choose.

Or perhaps they are not even there. Thank you so much for that comment!

You know, I didn't even consider that! Great point! :)

Great writing.

I always have to read your things several times. I really liked this - it resonated rather deeply with all those problems this world faces just talking with each other. From the large to the small.

More today than ever, at least over here on US soil. For my part, I've decided to say what needs to be said, and not care what anyone thinks of me for it. I am very much at odds with most of my "friends" these days. I now see the presentation of current events as carefully crafted illusion. It's not going over well with the zombies that are walking around saying things like "now we know half of Americans are racists" and the like.

So you see, I've done it again. I can't stop!

Thanks for liking my work. I really appreciate your support!

I did read it in that context also, but it is somehow also mirrored in the smaller relationships we humans have. In 2001 in Denmark we had a far right party with much the same attitude as Trumpism. Denmark First. (Denmark and the Netherlands are always early out it seems). It was a segment of voters that didn't really fell that they were represented, and suddenly everything was heated discussion. People still doesn't agree of course, but the compromises that has been made since then has sort of become the new normal and in a democracy those compromises should be the most important. I have lived a life where I could go from working as uneducated construction worker and still be in a white tie dinner with billionaires. Just the strange position of the demi-monde of artists. I have often wondered how apart most people really are when it comes to money, culture, bringing up children etc. And for that reason empathy goes down the drain. In the US I think the whole voting system is a big obstacle for really getting the democracy to work. We are 5.7 million people and we have 10-13 parties in parliament.

Anyway :) I actually read the poem also in a more universal manner. And I loved those crows.

Trumpism is not a thing, it's an allowance of many types of thought. You can see this at his rallies just by looking at the stands. Of course if you find yourself at a Trump rally, you are probably a Trump fan so they all have that in common. But the left here paints all Trump supporters with a narrow idea of "Trumpism", which now includes refusing to wear masks. But look at the crowd and you will see a half and half compliance.

So conservatives love Trump because he isn't telling ANYONE how to live their lives.

I think the whole thing is performance art, and Trump is just reading his lines, as is his fellow cyborg, Biden. But I prefer Trump's message of "we are safe, covid is a nothing burger, go back about your old normal lives", to Biden's message of "On day one I will ban all breathing of fresh air." I think the world would be a safer place if we all felt safer. I am rooting for Trump, mostly because I believe there is a clear and present danger if Democrats gain the white house. There is something wrong with that party.

Very true. The rallying around Trump is not a single line of thoughts, the same is true for our local Danish People's Party. To me it all comes down to how we accomplish a peaceful discussion about things. My main problem with Trump is that he divides to rule, but I admit that it is an automatic response to the negligence and lack of empathy shown by the ruling aristocracy in the big cities. In that way I think he is authentic, while Biden is a political animal. Trump publicly admit that he is flawed and sort of a rogue, and that resonates with many, but it is strange that such people call themselves conservatives as that would imply that you want people to adhere to a traditional set of morals and an adamant rejection of any sort of revolution. Right now I tend to see democrats as being the conservatives, the ones that want to carry on as usual because it benefits them and theirs.

The covid-crisis is of course a thing that would have to create uproar and discussion, and no one are speaking with the knowledge we will have in six month from now - a year from now - a decade from now. It hasn't been such a vivid discussion here in Denmark to be honest, and we had early, full lock down. Sweden didn't at first so they have six times as many dead. But the Nordic countries have free health care so there haven't been the same desperation in these discussions. When all this is over Sweden will be used as control group, and some sort of knowledge will be extracted. But I know from personal loss that covid is much worse than the common influenza. In 10 years time it might have changed, but right now I think that things has to be done.


our hearts powered by crows taking flight

I adore this line..

Me too, and it's not the first time I have used it! My last poem had crows powering my heart as well. Thanks for coming by, it's always a pleasure