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Halloween Has But One Casanova

Frankenstein …

Many ladies do a swoon
Tall, dark, and green
Shoulders that go on for days
Yeah, he’s a hunk
A hunk and a half, I’d say

IMG_2513 7.jpg

The Wolf Man …

Rock star of All Hallows’ Eve

A howl at the moon
Shirt torn down to there
Bosoms do a heave
Buttons burst; take to the air

IMG_2933 1.jpg

IMG_2513 1.jpg

But without a doubt
Not a sliver or an iota
Not even a long dark shadow
Upon a crumbling veranda

Halloween has but one Casanova

IMG_2513 5.jpg

The Vampire...

Now I’m not talking Nosferatu
Lugosi, or even a shirtless Oldman
No pale-faced, crypt-dwelling codger
In search of a not-so-reluctant virgin

I’m talking le vampyre moderne
Bill, Damian, Eric, and Stefan
Your gal hangs with one of these four
Any thought of you … long gone

IMG_2513 4.jpg

But you know who’s the worst
Yeah you do; come on; don’t deny
Alright, alright, I’ll tell you then
But first let me pause for a sigh


IMG_2513 3.jpg

Edward, Edward, Edward

Glistening skin, hair artfully tousled
A few bruises but a small price
For his kind of amorous wrestle

Upon his flickering ambers
Your beloved’s do alight
No, she’s not yours anymore
But his … his for the bite

IMG_2935 1.jpg

Give it up, my dear poet
Find a coffin; jump on within
For with a guy made of diamonds
you just can’t contend


What is it about a pale-faced, blood-sucking Byronic type that gets a lady willing to say good-bye to sunsets, chocolate, and wine for like ... EVER.

Oh the vampire ... right up there with rock stars and Mr. January Firemen.

Yeah, I lived across from a firehouse.

Can someone say ... dad bods?

No one actually LOVES perfection or can compete with fantasy ideals.

Mosquitos are the vampires of real life and no one loves them.

So take a cue from the distant, shrivelled rock star and that dude without a shirt, who is not actually at the beach ... and who you really wish would put on a shirt ... and rock the bod you got.

IMG_2513 6.jpg

Tell your girl or guy you love them; you don't have to be poet to do so, or look like a calendar model for them to love you back.

You'll NEVER live forever, unless you are indeed made of diamonds, and so make a point of living for now. There is beauty, warmth, and worth even in decay.



Words and Images are my own unless otherwise indicated.

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I always enjoyed your vids Pryde.

I totally agree with living in the day. I think getting older actually forces the issue more.

They decay is but the start of a new transformation perhaps. The universe seems to believe in recycling.

It is the ultimate environmentalist:) Thanks Paul:)

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

Right back at you. Thank you:)

Oh vampires, they're just a passing rage. I'll throw my lot in with the wolfman, who gets all animalistic at night. 😄

Haha ... they are wee bit too messy for my tastes. LOL.