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The Wisp

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Bara raced ahead and was first to reach the room. She had the remaining piece of pie in one hand and had to fiddle with her key to open the door. Amy had just crested the stairs and she was already inside. Odd? Amy had turned out the lights but everything was ablaze. And the curtains were open again. They flapped in the wind. The diary! Bara ran to her desk and threw down the pie. It slid half-off the plate and onto an unfinished Shakespeare essay.

“What’s wrong?” Amy asked from the doorway.

“The diary! It’s gone!

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Amy closed the door and joined her at the desk. She moved papers aside. There was no doubt. The diary definitely wasn’t there.

“I left it here,” Amy said. “I know I did.”

Bara looked through the pile of papers one last time and then plopped herself down onto her bed in frustration.

“Somebody stole it!”

“Who’d have done that?”

“Ms. Korey knew we had it. It had to be her. She took it?”

“A librarian broke into our room and stole a book? Really? I don’t think so. Ms. Korey wouldn’t steal anything. Maybe it fell on the floor.” Amy went down on her knees and searched around. She was under the desk when a crash sounded. Startled, she bumped her head and let out a gasp. Bara shushed her and helped her up.

“Someone’s in there,” she whispered and pointed to the closet.

“The thief?” Amy mouthed.

Bara nodded.

“Let’s get help!”

Bara shook her head and took Amy’s hand, stopping her from leaving the room. She grabbed a field hockey stick from where it leaned against the wall and crept toward the closet door. She reached for the handle. Amy looked around for a weapon. She settled on an empty vase and came up beside Bara. Slowly, Bara turned the knob. She lifted the hockey stick into the air, ready to strike, and threw open the door … her arm froze.

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In this instalment of the Wisp, we finally get to meet Colin Van Fitt, Bara's other good friend and third member of the developing Dream Treader's main love triangle. (Of course, you know we needed one of those.)

Team Dark-Haired Boy? Team Colin? Who will you find yourself cheering for?

Colin has known Bara forevs. He's funny and supportive; although he likes to tease her just a little too much for romance comfort, he is getting there, and may one day soon be leading man material, once he adds a little width to his teenage boy lank.

They make a good team, he and Bara, but can he compete with the romantic and mysterious allure of her dream boy. Warm auburn and brown versus wavy black hair and striking blue. I don't know. That is a tall order ... then few are taller than Colin. That's a wonder. His height. Wink Wink.

A note on the accompanying photos. Any of you who regularly follow my blog will know my main inspiration is nature. I am an environmentalist, not because of fear, or SJW caché, but out of love. True and abiding. Nothing is worth preserving like the natural beauty of our world because without it we truly have nothing. Not even a place to rest when the days get short and the season long.

This purple daisy bush was doubling as a by the hour hotel for bumble bees when I came across it. We counted more than six beauties taking a late afternoon sleepy sojourn, nestled in the sunny coronas of the durable blooms.

Hello sweet dreams and bright fairy land romps. Enjoy it while it lasts. Soon it will always be too late.

Thick, ominous clouds will roll in. A soggy blanket. Not much warmth. The temperatures will drop. A clear night will be a killing night, with its frosty knives and sharp wind chills. Only the queen bumble will make it through. For those that made it to Earth soon enough, the sleep will be long and the dark dreams inescapable. See where I am going with this? Not long now before Bara must too dream deeper and on the barbed underside of fairyland.



Words and Images are my own.

The Wisp and its sequel, the Tall Man, are available in paperback or digital through amazon and your local libraries and bookstores. Click on any title below to further explore and support my writing.







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Beautiful shots. Is this your author's story?

Thank you, Olga. Yes, I am the author:)

 last month 

OMG, I can so relate to Colin. Not the height, of course, or the ravenous appetite, but the constant need to joke. I think I like him.

Thank you, Victor. Yes, I like Colin a lot too:) He really is appealing in a lot of ways.