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Every few days or weeks, the habits of the cats under my care have changed. The most noticeable changes have been in the little Tiger Cat. The other (14-year-old) cat is like a wise old Buddha and seldom changes. But LittleBit, who is only three-years-old still has some "kitten" energy and curiosity about her. Although considered "fully grown" a that age, she is more like a juvenile, a teenager, with plenty of experimentation left in her before she settles down.

So, every few weeks since she has been here, LittleBit has taken to hanging-out in different parts of the house. She has spent lots of time in a couple of the bedrooms, the hallway, the den, lying underneath the kitchen table, sleeping on a box of cleaning supplies in the laundry room, and so forth. The chair in which she spent much time in the den when she first came here has been vacant of her little form for months. Now, she has taken to sitting and lying on top of the headrest of the recliner in the den — not the seat, where she often curled-up months ago, but the top of the headrest, high in the air! 😂

She has also spent many an hour recently sleeping up there, too, happy as can be, only opening an eye and looking around occasionally to make sure she isn't missing anything. Of course, nothing gets her down from there faster than hearing me in the kitchen, where the possibility of a yummy snack always exists! 😁

What is the most unusual place your feline friend has claimed?


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All of the cats that I have known of this color have been male, so I am surprised when you say "she".

I love the peaceful look on her face. I wish I could be a cat, or be with cats again.🙂

Ohhh I wish we could have cats too

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