The Best Steem Signatures, Purchase here! (Pack 2)

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Get Your Personalized Steem Signatures

This is my new series of Steem signatures that you can get. I've created this series to suit a different style and taste of Steemians because I know that not everyone likes the same stuff. This, on the other hand, is a little more futuristic and digital which also suits the theme 'blockchain' and 'crypto'. There are four types to choose from and you can customize to your liking. Below are some of the orders that I've done so far!

Affiliate Bonus

You can now be an affiliate and get access to much CHEAPER professional signatures by me. If you have a contest/challenge and you want to reward your participants with something special, you can reward them with these signatures. Of course, since you may want to bulk order, you will get a special rate from me. All you have to do is drop me a DM in discord, zord189#7776 and we'll talk all about it.








How to get your Steem Signatures? (5 STEEM)

Type 2A

Type 2B

Type 2C

Type 2D

Customizations :

  1. Once you've picked a signature, you can change to your favourite colours.
  2. You can give me any photo/logo to be placed on your signature.
  3. Customizable captions to represent you. (7-8 words max)
  4. Main Text can be from your Steemit handle to your actual name.

How To Order?

  1. Send 5 STEEM to @zord189.
  2. On memo type " Steemit Signature Pack 2, Type [2A,2B,2C,2D] ". Example : Steemit Signature Pack 2, Type 2B
  3. Contact me on Discord, zord189#7776 with details as such :
Steemit ID: @zord189

Signature Type: B

Main Text: @zord189

Caption: Founder of Steemit

Additional Notes: IF ANY. For example, change colour to blue.

And send me your image/logo (jpg, png)

You will receive your Steemit Signature within 2 weeks MAX upon payment. You will be sent a GIF version of the signature through discord when it's done.

Can I still get Signatures from pack 1?

Yes you definitely CAN! As these are two packs that you can order from! If you want to take a look at pack 1 signatures, you can click the link below!

Get your own PERSONALISED Pack 1 Steem Signature Here!

Thank you!

I would like to thank all of you for your support in advance and if you would do me a kind favour to help resteem this post so it gets out far and wide. Now I've been creating many designs usually for free for Steemians, so I'm asking for just a small price for these. Why? With the STEEM that I earn through this, I'm planning to power up and to continue my support for the communities I love on this wonderful platform. That is the main reason why I'm selling these signatures, at a VERY cheap price at that too.

PS. The Signatures Looks really good on the post. :)

Thank You

If you like what I do, check out my other posts on meetups, animation, and designs.

Get your Personalized Steemit Profile Signatures

DM me on discord : zord189#7776

Credits to @pinstory & @coloringiship for this lovely photo of me.


Animated Banner Created By @zord189

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These are really groovy! Quite the expert these days eh :P



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