Baby Chicks Scratching in New Raised Beds

in Homesteading2 months ago

Mama chickie is doing a great job of taking her babies around to find food! Today, she was helping me to scratch around in the raised beds we just put in by our front door.

She was not a happy camper that I had a foreign object (phone) near her babies. She got all puffed up and was making a very unhappy noise at me!

The babies just happily scratched away. We had just moved their dog crate house and found a bunch of huge ants with eggs. My husband had just dumped them in the raised bed and Mama quickly found them and showed them to her babies. They did quick work of getting rid of all the ants.

I also put some old tea bags in there, but I'm not sure if they ate anything out of them. It's always an experiment as to what they will eat. I think they're the cutest little chickie babies though! Three brown naked necks and one white one - looks like one is prettier than the rest, so it will probably be a rooster!

This is what the raised beds looked like as they were being built. They're a pretty cool design and the middle part is set to receive the rain from the roof. Eventually it will be like a little waterfall falling into it from the roof instead of having the white pipe coming down.

This is what the beds look like from the front. They were filled with some yard debris that is breaking down and then we will cover them with dirt and plant some plants. We haven't exactly decided what to put in them. I was thinking maybe purslane (with all different colored flowers) in the front bed and some food plants in the back one.

What do you think we should plant in the raised beds?


You have done great in completing the beds. Mothers always find ways to feed their children likewise the chicken.

Too true! I love watching her show them where all the little bugs and worms are! This go around, she's actually a good mommy!

Yay! 🤗
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