Introducing Bees To The Homestead

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Now that spring is starting to show I wanted to introduce some new animals to the homestead and start growing it! Besides egg laying chickens as you saw in my previous vlogs (which yes caught on FIRE!) I decided to get bees!

The video before this goes over the hives I created for them to get them ready for their new homes on the homestead.

Yes! The bees have plenty to feed off of lol The yard is filled with dandelions and wild flowers, the fruit trees are blooming and I check them daily including providing sugar water if they need it while getting established.

I know for sure next time I go out with the bees I’ll be wearing a suit or veil as they were rather docile coming out of their boxes after a long trip. You could see by the end of the video from being in the warm sun and new home they really began to wake up.

The bees have been doing well since they were added to the homestead. In fact I inspected a number of them and so far everything is looking good. I’ll include some pictures of the bees below.

I wanted to also thank everyone here on Hive for all of their support and helping in this amazing homesteading journey I’m on in becoming self-sufficient. You all have been amazing and I appreciate the support. THANK YOU!!!

Updated Bee Pictures Below



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Oh wow I love the addition of bees! I was scared of them as a kid because of a sting but love them now.

I have a bunch of carpenter bees living in my shed and we leave eachother alone. I plant piles of season round flowers for them to exist on and would love to get myself some hives at some point. Been dreaming about a bat box too.


Thank you I'm really happy you are enjoying the journey!

I love how you handle them with such care! Nice to see people taking an interest in bees, especially on a homestead where they give added value to everything.

It's so cool having them on the homestead. Here's a picture I took of the hives today that I thought was cool.bees1.jpg

I've written a few books on how start a homestead with small animals such as ducks and sheep, but I am always wary about suggesting bees because not everyone is willing to do the work in looking after them. It's not as simple as make a hive and leave them be. My country is also rotten with foul brood which sucks! Are you clear of that where you are?

Real beekeeping updates -- love it!

I will It's been an amazing experience!

I love watching beekeeping content online, but it is going to be a special treat to follow your journey (and perhaps SOMEDAY, I will begin my own ... living in the city now, but, maybe, someday, to the country).

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I've been trying to attract a swarm to my Warre-style hive for years, but sadly the local bee population plummeted the season I got my hive built.

You're building a wonderful homestead at a breathtaking pace, can't wait to see more!

I'm glad you're enjoying the journey! You'll have your own colony soon, I know it.

That is awesome! My friend keeps bees and I have learned so much by watching him and talking to him. I used to have a bit of a phobia about bees, but I totally appreciate them now. What a great addition to your homestead! I came here from Listnerds!

I think it's pretty natural to have fears since everyone always talks about bee stings and how much they hurt lol and they do! They are such a huge benefit to the homestead and just life in general. Happy to have them as part of the property now.

That's amazing that you can be around those bees without any protection! Great work. The video was also nice and clear too.

Thank you!

This was so much fun to watch! Interested in seeing more about the bees when you can.

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Resume making honey

Yes! So much honey come the end of summer. I can't wait for them to swarm and grow.

Heavy good job bro. Since I was young, I want to to grew like that.


Glad you enjoyed it!


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Thank you always appreciate the support!

all this is great!
Did they sting you?
Do they make honey delicious? =)

Nope, no stings yet but it's bound to happen at some point. I'll be wearing a suit next time I mess with them. They are starting to make honey but I won't be able to get any for myself till the end of summer.