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Recently, a very good friend and I were talking, and I was telling him about how I was going to get a generator for the homestead. I thought having one would be a good backup plan in case all else fails.

As we were talking, he told me the generator he has, that he has used for his company, had quit working. It would start and run fine...but he said if a load is plugged into it, it will kill the generator circuit. Then he told me I could have it if I could get it to work.

*Slightly used, but what a powerful beauty!

After picking it up and getting it back to the homestead, I gave it an initial inspection and then attempted to start fired right up on the first pull! However, I then plugged in a small light to it and the generator circuit breaker blew. The motor kept running, but the power bank was dead.


Since the motor itself kept running, and the circuit breaker was what blew, I decided to take a closer look at everything relating to this electric circuit. That is when I discovered a couple things...

*A busted cover thats supposed to protect all the electric wiring.

*The main ground wire for the whole system was loose and the wire was just spinning around the hold down bolt.

In the picture above if you look closely at the two ground wire pictures, you'll notice the wire in two different places compared to the frame. That is how loose the wire was, it would spin freely. I took the bolt out and sanded all the contacts surfaces to ensure a good ground path. I put it all back together and gave it another pull...

AND IT WORKED!!!...Well, kind of. The bottom two outlets still would blow the circuit if something was plugged in, however if I used the top two outlets it worked as intended!!! I dug into the ratnest of wiring behind the broken cover I showed earlier and discovered that the top and bottom outlets are powered by two different lines from the 240V circuit. So, the problem with the bottom half of the outlets could be the circuit breaker itself, the 240V outlet, or one if the 120V outlets itself.

A little further diagnosis is needed, but for now the generator on just the one leg makes enough power to run our entire homestead!!!💪💪💪


We love our animals as much as we love the humans, plants, and all the wild our puppies fulfill a couple very important roles on the homestead.

First, Simba...He is our Dìonadair, the primary defense mechanism for our homestead(especially at night)...he is also easily becoming my best friend. And can only imagine the outcome if his fierce loyalty to me or my son was needed in any situation.

Then there's our sweet(but also onery as hell) Onree...She is my son's pup and our current only occupying princess on the homestead.😂🤣 She is just as fiercely protective of us as Simba is...just in a pint size container.

For these, and a million other reasons, I have been wanting to build them an awesome doghouse to take the place the simple barrels we have been using. Enter my neighbor, the sawmill guy. He has been working up some massive cedar trees into rafters for barns. And he has lots of off-falls that he normally burns.

But I plan to use them to build our best friends a doghouse that is also a cool fort! So, to begin I build a simple frame to hold the floor and screw some repurposed plywood onto it.

*This plywood originally was used to build stone acrches on a clients house.

Now was the cool part, as I added the bottoms of the cedar trees to the outside to make it look like a fort.

*Looking like a tough, badass fort, isn't it?💪😁

In the end, I will also add a small staircase to the roof to allow Simba to have an amazing lookout spot for guarding our place. And Anatolian Shepherds naturally seek a high lookout, so I think he'll love this feature.


Did you know that there are plants that are non photosynthetic? Every plant that I've ever seen in my life has had some part of it that is green, and as used to transform sunlight into energy for the plant. Whether it is the leaves, or in stems or stalk, some part is always green.

However, the other day during a walk on one of our paths, I discovered a most interesting life form. It looked like a plant, with a flower.... But it was completely white, almost translucent and see through. There was not a bit of color of any type to the entirety of the plant.

*Crazy looking isn't it?

It is what's known as an Indian Pipe plant, or a ghost plant. It lives by feeding off of dead plants. And does not need the sun at all to be completely healthy!

*As simple as it is beautiful.😍

This one single plant is the only one I've found on my property. However, knowing now they exist, I'll be keeping my eye out. @simplymike, have you ever seen anything like this before?

As always we thank you all so much for taking time out of your day to stop by and visit. We send our love and happiest vibrations out to each of you!!!🤗🤗🤗


Nice find on the ghost pipes! The best approach is to not disturb the immediate area that they grow in because there will be smaller ones (usually below the leaf surface) and they are pretty fragile even when fully matured.

Do you know if they're edible friend? I found mixed answers on the internet. Thanks for the additional information as well! I'll look around the area when I get home.

There are a lot of mixed answers on edibility (and I have no definitive answer either) but it is known to be used medicinally.

The number one thing that seems to make them stop growing is human activity and it is common advice to not tell folks where they are growing.

They are a really interesting plant and I have had the joy of seeing them many times over the years but never eaten them nor made tinctures with them.

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That India pipe plants catches my attention. I don't think I have seen such plant before talkless of feeding on dead plants.

This post just got more and more interesting in the end. Glad that you have worked out that generator although additional work needs to be done to make work fully. Good going on the dog house as well. I'm sure your pets will be happy. That plant in the end reminds me of the creatures of the deep. I haven't seen anything like it. Interesting find :)

An extra generator is a nice add! Glad you worked it out...

The dogs love the fort I bet!