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More steady progress has been being made on the home front.💪 It did slowe down considerably as I was not able to put on a shoe.

*Several days after the injury, as it was healing.


As my boy has gotten bigger, he is now ready to have a wall built between our rooms. We have always enjoyed each others company in the evening as we get ready to go to sleep, hanging out and talking for an hour or longer almost every night. But, he is a young man now(one that's no longer scared of the dark as well) and needs his own space.

So, I went out and bought the material for us to get building. We started by framing the wall using 2x4s.

However, before I could even begin that, there was other work to get done. First, I had to move the water line that goes to the washing machine. I also had to move the power lines that come in from our solar panels, and move the solar charge controller to make way for the wall. After that work was completed though, it was time to frame the wall!



Once the wall was framed in, it was time to put on some shooting. We have been using 3/8 in plywood sheeting keep with the natural wood look. During this step, my boy Evan, got an opportunity to use the tape measure a t-square.. and learn how to make exact cuts so that things fit together well during construction. 😃😃

*It was a fun project for us to work on together.

We left one half of the studs on the wall exposed...on his side of the room, and the other end of the wall on my side exposed. We did this so we can install shelves in between the two by four framing to increase our storage and organization in each room.


A gift from Evan's mom, he and I spent time installing these shelves. It looks like one long shelf. But it's actually three separate shelves. So Evan got to learn how to make sure that three separate shells can be completely level. It was a fun project, and will also help with organization in his room.



A little over a year ago, and in in this post we hit the milestone of producing 500,000 Watts of electrical energy using only our solar panel array. AND now we are rapidly approaching a new energy production milestone by hitting 1,000,000 Watts of solar produced energy!!!



When the weather permits it(and a lot of times regardless of poor weather) we love cooking outside. Now after running a cable between a couple trees and putting a tarp over it, we have a more weatherproof area for cooking.


It's not the biggest area but we just through it together in a spare few hours we had...but it has inspired me, and expect some more updates about this in the future.😍🥰


Recently after a few talks with our sheriff out here where we live, he has been gracious enough to agree to have his deputies call and text me every time a deer is hit by a car. This is awesome because raw meat, and mainly deer is all my dogs normally eat. So this new partnership saves me time and money by preventing me to hunt for animals. So a very special thanks goes out to our local friends in the sheriff's department!🤗🤗

*Simba enjoying breakfast...rump roast, not roasted.😁😁

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Awesome to see the progress on so much stuff👍

Thanks mate! It's been a lot of work... especially with the recent injury. But we keep marching on a little at a time! How have you been? We hope all is well and that you and your loved ones are doing well!🤗🤗🤗

Hope the foot heals up quickly, I've been fixing up a 35 year old campervan and just started on my travels two days ago. I am well thanks 👍

I've added you to my autovore at 100 percent....not sure why I'd not done this already....but from here on out you'll have my full support!🤗 Love you mate!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Wow! Your boy will start sleeping in his own room soon. You're so talented to make all those things.

You seem to be doing a lot of good posts .... I have added you to my auto vote, and I'm proud to support you and what you do!!!🤗🤗🤗 All love!!!!

Wow! Thank you so much @johndoer123 for that support. I always wanted to make posts with quality content for the readers to read. Thank you so much. More blessings!

Thanks for the response!🤗 And we hope your family is doing well!!! We send all our love and best wishes to you and yours!!🤗🥰🤗🥰

Thank you for the well wishes. Keep safe and have a great weekend ahead.

Am glad that your feet is fast healing up. Please be more careful.
Your son sure needs his place and am glad that you can work these things out by yourselves without having to employ anyone.

Well solar panels are the newest addition of how to generate electricity around here.
They are still very expensive to install ever since their introduction to us and not many homes can use such power supply yet.

I wish you more health and grace to live happily while carrying out all your duties.