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*Reservoir side of the dam.

I've veen busy with throwing stones at the dam with the excitement of the first stage of the process being done, that of the reservoir side of the dam wall being completed. Today I reached a milestone but I wanted to share with all of my friends here. The final dam height has been reached in one spot on the dam!🥳🥳 The following picture will help with explaining everything that's going on with the dam's construction...

*Some custom photo editing.😁 a boss


So, obviously, the label of the final dam height marks the height of the dam upon completion...that of course is not including the cap stones that will make up the top of the dam, and the walkway across it.

The multiple overflow pipes are placed at differing heights so we will have one primary, and two back-ups in case of clogs, large rainfalls, or ice melts.

The auxiliary throughput will be used to send pumped, pressurized water to the garden, or to allow me to aerate the water for the farming of fish, or to run the cold water to a refrigeration house...or anything else I may need it for.😁

I've been hopeful every day I've worked on it to get it to a point that the overflow pipes are in...And now I seriously believe I will have that done this weekend, along with having it built to height.



...And when I say big, it really is. Take a look at it as I had it loaded up and ready tocome home....

*It makes Marvin, my truck, look tiny.🤣😂🤣

Sooo....upon getting it to the homestead something had to be done to get it a little closer to it's final destination. I needed to get it from the road, across the creek, back out of the creek, up the big hill, and then taken all the way back to the spring area.🤦😁

I couldn't bring it on the trailer, because the trailer would definitely have sustained damage...if not just simply being destroyed...BWAH HAHA HAH!...And it was obviously too big to fit in my truckbed. So, this is what I came up with....

*Like a truck with a turtle shell ...maybe the missing teenage ninja turtle.... Marvin???😂🤣

Regardless, it worked, and after getting it as far as I could using the truck, I then rolled/pulled it the rest of the way to the spring area. Hopefully a tree won't fall on this one, like my last one.😁😁


Our Dìonadair is getting completely freaking huge! It's almost hard to believe it's only been a ahort four months we have had him. And since we got him at 4 weeks old, he is now just over 5 months old. But look at this comparison....

*The bottom picture he is four weeks old and in the top one is 5 months old...what a difference, right?

Along with his physical growth his maturity and defensive attitude has also grown and matured. He has the bark and attitude of a full grown German Shepard and doesn't deal well with anything that varies from the regular.

Thanks so much for stopping by and showing your love. We truly appreciate all your love and support! And we send you all our love!


Nice solution move the tank a la turtle style😁

... turtle style. ? mean ninja turtle style.😂🤣

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Wow, this is a professional move to the gardens you have just shown here. I'll try this method to some of my gardens ut the problem there is that it requires enough money to run such garden projects.

Yes it is very helpful. And it was a little expensive. But, I only had to buy the mortar. I had the stones and the pipes. I hope you have a great day! And thank you so much for stopping by! We send our love! 🤗🤗🤗

Looking awesome!

Thanks brother! I actually have gotten into a point that it is topped out and at heights. I will soon do a post on that. So now my attention is shifted to getting my turbine and also lining the inside of the reservoir with clay.

Sounds awesome @johndoer123! Dunno if you saw my other comment but there is a link to a good turbine resource in it. I will put it here so you do not have to search for it:

Also the other turbines I was thinking about are vortex turbines although I am unsure if they would be a good fit for your setup. You can find some examples here:

Another really good resource is looking over this series of videos:

MAN!!!! THANK YOU A MILLION! Yeah, somehow i must have missed that one.🤦😁 You my dear friend are a wealth of the most valuable information! I'm headed to check those links now brother! Thank you again!🤗🤗

Hey-hey, just doing my part! Honestly, I just love seeing folks fulfill their dreams and equally love it when they go full bore on it as you have!