Off to the Ranch #26: Updates | Construction | Spring

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Heeeyho Readers! More updates from our little ranch!

Uff! It's been a while since the last ranch update.

I haven't had the chance to cycle up to Dad's ranch since winter started. The lack of content about our projects is due to a complete inability to forward outdoors tasks because of the rain. Other than that, life as a whole slows down during the freezing months; fruit trees stop growing, compost gets too wet, the trails become bogged, and we feel a hella more inclined to stay indoors.

However, some of you asked about the ranch, so I think a quick update is deserved.

New house

If you remember well from the first posts, I mention that Dad's house at the ranch is almost centenary. Although the old construction is safe to live in, a restoration is long due. The walls are cracked, the ceiling needs repair, the doors and windows are rotting, the general layout is outdated. In sum, it is not worth the work. After much pondering, Dad opted to build a new house.


Moving stuff

First, we moved a bunch of farming equipment out of the way. We plan to build a simple wooden shed to store them safely (coming up this summer). Dad's old wooden shed is gonna be demolished as soon as the new house is finished, and the old house will become a garage/shed.


leveling the ground



This is not a DIY project like we always do. Dad's career background is in construction, though a construction company was hired for the job. He needs the house done by next autumn, a deadline we wouldn't make working ourselves. We will take part in the finishing (prepping and painting).


Starting the foundation

The view to the mountains from the front porch will be amazing once the old shed is gone. Also the future kitchen window will face the horizon, which is awesome.



The house layout is pretty Spartan; it favors a wide space (kitchen + living room), two bedrooms, one bathroom and a laundry. Mom and I designed the basic layout in a piece of paper and Dad expanded from there. It's not a big house; it's not meant to be. We value minimalism and an ambient to hang around to feast.

This is the first brand new house dad has in 60 years of life. He deserves it. I'm happy. And I'll try to keep you updated as much as I can. There will be plenty of activities this summer. Leeees go!


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Sometimes it's better to bite the bullet and just rebuild. I feel like that about my current house. It's got so many issues that I'd love to just have the whole thing gutted and redone. I was actually thinking about it during the crypto ATH. I wish I'd put the money into that, instead of HODLing back to the gutter with the rest of you :D

Indeed, when we start with repairs here and there it feels like an endless task =/

I wish I'd put the money into that, instead of HODLing back to the gutter with the rest of you :D

The struggle is real haha, but it's always like that... after years we kinda feel when an ATH comes, but who's got the guts to sell?
Problem is that this bottom might take a while with interest rates going up

I think you made the right decision there. Sentiments and history are lovely, but in the grand scheme of everything and all the expenses that will be accrued, a new house is probably the best decision:)

Absolutely, plus the old house will still exist in the end. We got to the same conclusion: restoring is more expensive and it'll continue to be... well.. an old house. I think my dad deserves a brand new house too.

What an amazing new project. Building a new house and you helped.
Looking forward to following it further along 😊😎
Have a great day Arthur 😊

First time dad will have a brand new house in 60 years. Pure happiness. Man deserves some comfort in life haha
A great almost weekend \o\

That is just brilliant… he will be happy and comfortable. And to see it arise 😎 pure joy…
Thanks, indeed a great almost weekend 😊 enjoy it.


Hehehe 🤭
Yep… it’s Friday yay 🤩😁
Enjoy it!

Thanks for the update man! Happy to know that the construction of your (dad´s) new house is going alright :) I´m already loving the house, just by your description :D

@tipu curate

When are you coming for a visit?? xDD