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Greetings fellow Hivers! Today we celebrate 3 years on our experimental homesteading ventures! After a lot of triumphs and challenges, not to mention the constant clearing, pruning,weeding, sowing, planting and fertilizing. I can now proudly say that things are finally shaping up 👏
We bought this parcel of land and started our farm from ground zero. It was quite a feat! We hired tree cutters and clearing crew for the initial clean up but from then on,we did everything ourselves. It is definitely a full time job to say the least.
This year we have quite a few successes with our early fruiting plants namely, Rambutan, Abiu, dwarf coconut, illinois mulberries, pomegranate, guava, sour sop, papaya,passion fruits, pineapples and bananas.






We also have a veggie garden, but for now it's still in the works as we just built and transplanted almost everything on raised beds. (The whys and hows of using raised beds I'll save for another post 😉)


I have named this farm the experimental homestead, since we started this with very little experience and we just learned as we go and grow.
We moved here in the midlands of the tropics,from the western world❄️ to embrace a simple living higher thinking lifestyle

Way back when we were able to maintain a small backyard garden during summer tomatoes are sweet and abundant, berries grow wild, and the stonefruits are delectable and fresh. These sparked our passion for planting, but the short planting season always leaves us wistful for longer planting season. Thus we decided to move to a place where we can grow and tend to our plants all year long. So here we are, in the tropics facing different sets of challenges🌞🌦️
The goal is to develop a fruit forest, a kitchen garden and work our way towards self sustainability.

Join Us as we tackle our experimental homesteading adventure and misadventures🤗
'til next time, thanks for stopping by.🫶


The little experience put in the farm is very nice and have proving very well. What I'm seeing in the farm in a great success and I believe you'll have mush harvesting.

Thank u! It's a work in progress ❤️

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