Homegrown Vegetables and Sugarcane: Cultivating a Personal Garden

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Vegetables are one of the most important parts of our food and diet. It's even advisable to eat vegetables often in order to stay healthy, eat nutritious meals, and avoid being victims of some illnesses and diseases. With all of those in mind, I've decided to come back to my garden and plant some crops with the mindset of growing my own food.

I've always been a lover of the farm and planting crops and the like, but moving to the city deprived me of enough space to do that extensively. Luckily, I was later able to secure this current space last year, and prior to Christmas, I planted some vegetable seeds on the seed bed I made, and after about two weeks, I'm delighted to see these vegetables are springing forth from the group.



The situation in the country presently is out of control, and in order for one to survive and make ends meet, we must be able to devise a means to survive. Luckily, I've got this garden, and moving forward, I'll be doing more planting of different crops. The goal is to curb the amount spent on buying food items in the market.

And with my garden vegetables growing rapidly, I know the pressure will reduce to a minimal level. As it's the festive season, when I paid a visit to the market, I couldn't get many of the seeds I would have loved to get and only saw two. I was able to get the jute leaf seed, which we call ewedu, and the Lagos spinach or Nigerian spinach, which we call efo shoko.

To plant this, I just had to use the hoe to cultivate a seed bed, after which I poured the seeds on the seed bed, and after that, I've been watering the seed bed every single day. That's because we're in the harvest season, where there's no rainfall and just a dry atmosphere, so watering is the alternative to rainfall.

I think this is the way to go moving forward. It's much better for me to be a homesteader and plant my own food than to buy it from a market where I don't even know what was used to enhance the growth of such crops and vegetables. In order to be on the safer side, I think planting my own crops and using only organic fertilizers is the best way to go.


I look forward to this movie growing better and better. Oh, I almost forgot about my sugarcane plant. I paid a visit to a friend who has many sugarcane plants in his garden, and after cutting one for me to eat, I asked for it, which I then brought to my garden over here to plant, and it's been over 2 months since I did that, and here it's growing up and even showing sight of the sugarcane coming out.


That's about all for now, thanks so much for your time, have a wonderful new year and stay bless.


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I don't have space to plant, I live in an apartment, but I have always liked the idea of being able to harvest what you eat, my wife has a rosemary bush although she has used it so much that there is almost nothing left 😅 and we have an avocado plant that we have to transplant, I hope that when that happens I can eat a delicious avocado.

Haha I see, I know had you have much space you would have planted more crops, your wife is doing a great job with the rose and avocado. I look forward to seeing you harvest and hopefully you'll share it with us.

this vegetable is one of my favorite in it is soo expensive here in hk..

Oh I see , the price keeps going up on a daily basis, where is HK please?

This is amazing. I am happy to see you farm. It is a nice option. Weldone

Thanks so much dear, I really appreciate your kind words and wonderful feedback about my farm.

Sir can I join you in discord

Sure you can, just search for vickoly

pekkymos is mine

This is my first time seeing a sugarcane plant, lol
Thanks for sharing cos I now have an idea of how it looks like
Nice one!

It is great that you are adapting to your country's current situation by growing some of your own food. I think it is very wise to do so and I wish you so much abundance!

Vegetables and sugarcane planting will add more value to you and your family as you can eat from there and also make some sells.

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