Hey guys, Happy Friday.

Are you disappointed already at the turn of events in your life or around you that you just want to throw in the towel and give up?

Tired of the same old processes that has never brought any great change or development?

better days ahead.jpg

Have you been making efforts to grow more spiritually or become a better person by the day but it looks like all steps you are taking is not getting much done?

I write to you this morning to tell you that it is a phase that God wants to work out with you. The painful process cannot be over yet until all lessons are noted and God is taking You out. Don't be angry at God or ready to rush out of that process that seems not to be working.
The question on your lips should be : 'God, are you still with me in this storm?'

Hello, as much as God is in this with you, either God is silent or talking, His presence with you is all you need to make the better days ahead. His silence is also an evidence that He is with you.

Get up and Believe Again!