Numbers 13:2, 25-33
These people sent as spies have low regard for themselves. They compared themselves to grasshoppers, concluded they were going to die because they saw giants.

☝You think other people are better, stronger and that there is no space for you to succeed. How many times have you given up on that idea just because you feel someone better is already doing it perfectly well and you don't think you can measure up to his/her standards? It doesn't make sense dear! If you will give up on anything in your life let there be a substantial reason for it that God Himself is in support of.

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People with low self esteem view God from a low point of view
If you label someone to be stronger or a giant then that's what they will be over you

When you get to any point in life, you can choose to see the good in the situation or the bad. If you want to know exactly what you think of you (healthy/poor self esteem) listen to the words you speak often and track your conversations. Your negative confessions about you is the reason you are not moving in life.

Hello, you have a mighty God in you and you still talk negative with a feeble mind, what's happening?
Pick yourself up today and refuse to think low so you won't stay low.

Have a great you today and a wonderful week ahead 🙋