Happy 1-Day Birthday Hive Community! πŸŽ‚

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Welp, it's official. As of the time of me posting this, Hive has become 24 hours old. How exciting! πŸ₯³

Lots to do, lots to build, lots to come!
We have quite a lot of progress to be made on our front. I've seen the community migrate, developers start planning, and already a few projects get updated! This is pretty exciting stuff for our first 24 hours πŸ‘

Spencer has been quite the active blogger!
I've literally posted one - two - three - FOUR! ( including this one ) blog posts in the last 24 hours. All Hive exclusives! I'll slow back down now & try posting on a more spaced out & less chaotically frequent schedule. It's been a fun launch day πŸ˜…

How are you feeling?

I understand there has been some confusion, some hiccups, and some broken hearts.
It's tough to do a community split. That is not lost on anybody. What happened, imo, had to happen. Obviously it would have been nice to just generate all this excitement & renewed energy for Steem, but alas that platform has become corrupted.

Perhaps that's the healthy way of thinking: Corruption.
Instead of thinking about Steem as being "dead", let's reframe our perspective & consider it "corrupted". You know, like when you go to download some software but it's malware & corrupts your computer? What do you do then? Throw out the whole PC and buy a new one? No, of course not! In the worse case scenario ( which this was ), you format, re-download your OS, and setup a new account.

We fixed the glitch

Steem isn't dead, we just had to reboot!
But don't worry! You didn't lose your files! You were a smart cookie πŸͺ and you managed to backup your files before rebooting. And that's where we are now, on a fresh install with all of your files, and hopefully friends!

Now that we have a fresh start, you gotta make it count!
We don't get to pull this off too many more times ( some would argue this was the only time ), so we gotta dust off our brains 🧠 and make this new platform EXACTLY what we've always wanted. Here's some good news: You are now free to do just that! Post what you want, make what you want, consume what you want.

Happy Hiving!

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I'm feeling great. Glad to see the people who I've engaged with the most are all here.

have a great Sunday!

Yes, it's very awesome to see most of the community switching over :^)