Riding the Rollercoaster of Team Management


The fantasy Premier League game is one I enjoy playing to flex my muscles as though I'm a real football manager, and why not? Since it involves real players and all I've got to do is pick a team of players, I'll love to have my own fantasy team from the entire Premier League team. Although there's a restriction to just 3 players you can pick per team, it's been fun through the season with loads of ups and downs, but lately I seem to be losing my grip on the team with some not-too-gross decisions.


I mean, take game week 22, for example. It's so disgusting that I lose a head-to-head game because of one point, and this wouldn't have been more disheartened had my bench not been filled with players that accumulated as many as 26 points, and on the pitch, I'm having a player who has 0 points and a few others who could only get 1 and 2 points.

It's so annoying, and I think I've got to take a critical look at the team and reshuffle almost everyone in order to bring about good changes. For this to be accomplished, loads of players would have to go, but unfortunately, I don't have much lifeline left, so it has to be a one-step-at a time thing, and this kind of makes it harder, but I would just hope this set of players I've got will perform well and that it'll bring about victory for my team.


My team desperately needs victories to stay afloat among the top teams in each of the FPLs I'm competing in in order to get something out of it. While most are just for the fun of it, we've got some FPL leagues that I'm in that come with some cool prizes, and some of those are like 3 from the Hive Blockchain, which includes Hive FPL, Hive Naija FPL, and Neoxian City FPL League, and the one that isn't on Hive is that of Brilla FM, a support radio station here in my country.

That's about all for now. I'll just work my magic with the team and hope they thrive in their various teams going forward.

Thanks so much for your time. Have a good, blessed, and productive day ahead.

First image is from canva and others are screenshot from the official premier League app.