Wow, what a cool video clip, marvelous effort. Was that Kenny's brother spinning the fire in the cave? Really cool locations in there. Looks like it was fun creating.

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haha that is @alchemage - and he is certainly a brotha to Kenny and I... not by blood.


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Cograts Brother. Love the words and the visuals. It is so beautiful over there, you really captured that and so much more xxxx

Thank you!! Always appreciate your support.

So where was that weed grow? They look really pretty!

Portland grow!!

Much love! Your work is exceptional! The @mind.force and the #hive-127039 is an initiative to support the hip hop community on hive through 7 senses beyond 5 elements of hip hop. Promoting original content and conscious and elaborated music and poetry, we’d appreciate your support. We will curate your content as much as we can. Feel free to subscribe, sport our banner in your post footer and we will also make you admin. Manually commented by - @yangyanje