New Hive community in town! Announcing the launch of DeFi Campus!

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I have been exposed to DeFi for a year now. Through this year, I have been continuously reading up and exposing my portfolio to it. My first experience with DeFi started with getting my first batch of DAI (now they are called SAI) and putting them into Compound for interest.

Today, I have exposure to more complex DeFi products and apps but the learning never ends as every few weeks there will be something new in the market. It is impossible to learn it all and keep tab on every development and that is why I started this community. I hope to leverage on the crowd wisdom on Hive so that we can all collectively benefit from each other's DeFi journey.

DeFi Campus emblem

Now, let me attempt to define what is DeFi to the "DeFi Campus" community and this will set the scope and stage for it.

What is DeFi?

First of all, DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance. If you managed to get a copy of @coingecko's book on "How to DeFi", here is how they defined DeFi in the book.

DeFi is an ecosystem of Decentralized Applications (Dapps) that provide financial services built on top of distributed networks with no governing authority.

Source: "Introduction, How to DeFi" by Coingecko's team

I think that is a great definition but I also want to define the term "finance'. I think the term "finance" is thrown around all the time but not many understand it, just like not many understand "money". For the purpose of this community, "finance" is the management of money, banking, investments, and most of all credit.

In addition, DeFi is at a very early stage and there are varying degrees of decentralization for each Dapp. I will focus more about this in a later post. For now, I just want to include CeFi into the scope of "DeFi Campus". CeFi or Centralized Finance is basically custodial and centralized governed entities that provide financial services on cryptocurrencies. Examples will be BlockFi, Nexo and Celsius.

In other words, the scope of "DeFi Campus" includes any crypto-enabled finance. Reason I am doing this is because I noticed the lack of DeFi content here on Hive and to bootstrap this community, I will like to start it off with a broader definition of DeFi.

About "DeFi Campus"

"DeFi Campus" starts off with the following objectives:

  • To educate Hivers on the concepts of DeFi so as to bring more interest to the DeFi space;
  • To uncover hidden talents who are producing great DeFi related content within the Hive community and recognize their effort;
  • To learn from each other so that we can benefit from DeFi related opportunities and grow our cryptocurrencies alpha.

Manual curation

To bootstrap this community I created the @defi.campus account and delegated 3,000HP to it. This account is a manual curation account. I will use this account to curate DeFi related content and you might have noticed that this account is already actively curating content for the past week or so.

To help with discovery of DeFi content, do remember to tag #defi in your relevant posts. For now, I will be looking for DeFi content under the #defi, #ethereum, #crypto and #cryptocurrency tags.

As I have mentioned, we have a surprising lack of DeFi content here on Hive considering we are all blockchain natives. Hence, in order not to waste the voting power of @defi.campus, I have set it to follow the @hodlcommunity and @project.hope curation trails. In order to ensure @defi.campus has sufficient voting power to curate content, the following of trails will stop after its voting power hits 90%. All these are automated through HiveVote.

The community is fortunate to have a number of subscribers even before its official launch and I am humbled by that.

DeFi Campus subscribers

More initiatives from this community will follow so please subscribe to the community and follow the @defi.campus account if you are interested. Some basic ground rules are listed in the community description and I will leave everyone to read them from there.

Today, 6 June 2020, the "DeFi Campus" community is announced. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you in the community 😎

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Nicely done :)

DeFi seems to be everywhere these days. Subscribed!

On the SAI topic ... is there interest on SAI atm? .... DAI offers no interest atm ... historical rates have been between 0 and 8%...

On (Maker native dApp) the interest rate for DAI is 0% but you can still get some interests at some other lending platforms.

SAI is practically being decommissioned. You can still get a little bit of interest here and there but you will be better off swapping them for DAI ASAP. Summary table below,


Great initiative @culgin !

We will be happy to interact and help you out as much as we can. DeFi is indeed "complicated" for the average crypto user so this is a great idea.

Upvoted fully and reblogged !

Thank you so much! 🙏

I am thinking perhaps we can organize a joint writing contest on DeFi some time down the road? I will be glad to sponsor some HIVE for the contest.

That is a great idea, let's talk it over on Discord.

Definitely up for it ;)

Great news...I just posted something on defi :)

Great post, have upvoted!

SPinvest will get a look into this new community, sounds good :)

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Thanks for the interest!

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