Game Review 02: Football Cup 2020

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I like football very much. Though I can't play football, but I always think if I could play like Messi or Ronaldo. It would be really awesome if I do. But alas! I can't so. That's why I like to play it on the virtual field.

I installed a new football game that is Football Cup 2020. And tried it to play.

You know that the main feature of football gaming is its graphics and sound quality. I have found this game really awesome. I always try to taste different types of gaming. It is one of the best I ever find in Google Play Store.

There are some challenges and you have to complete the previous challenge to unlock the next challenge. This is the major challenge of this game actually.

The graphics is really awesome, it gives a taste of real playfield. I must confirm you that it will not give you the FIFA gaming taste, but in mobile phone gaming and as a lighter version game, it will give you more than better than available other games.

The sound quality is really nice. It feels like I am on the playground with a crowded gallery and a lot of supporters are shouting to motivate me. And actually I was feeling that I am the messi.

I completed all the challenges. I'm not showing this steps here as it was a long run process. After completing a lot of challenges I found a penalty shootout challenge that I am sharing with you.

Main limitation of this game I found is the activities of goalkeeper was not perfect. Though my goalkeeper performance was very low, but the opponent players did such mistakes that can't be imagined. That's why I own the challenge.

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Okey, it's a cool review. Then I will try it.