the climb is tiring but also very enjoyable with its views

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today the weather is quite sunny, not cloudy, and also no rain. so! it is a good opportunity for me to go to the top of the mountain.

if it rains, it will be very difficult to pass a road full of dirt mud.
to be on top of this mountain. This is exactly where I took some pictures of this amazing looking mountain view.

it took two hours from my motorcycle parking lot. and it drains a lot of energy and it must be very tiring to get to the top of the mountain I want to head for.

after resting a few minutes while enjoying the surrounding scenery. I also checked if the jengkol fruit was ready for me to harvest.

after I examined it, it turned out that the jengkol fruit was not yet suitable for harvesting. and have to wait in one more week then I can harvest and sell it in the market.
The selling price or the marketed price currently reaches ten thousand per kilogram 1kg.

here is my father's garden. like father could no longer go to his garden due to age factor which made it impossible to climb the slopes of very far and high mountains.

so he asked me to go to his garden. and of course, of course, asked me to check the jengkol fruit, whether it can be harvested.
the fruit was very lots and large compared to the previous year.
the tree trunk height is also not too high. as if it is measured its height has only reached five meters.
that's the story of my journey today which is quite tiring.
but it's also fun to be able to share some pictures of the beautiful looking mountain scenery down there in blue.

And in a few days I also have to come back here to harvest the jengkol fruit.

Indonesian location.


Name:photography in mountain climbing.
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Very nice i see jengkol fruit for the first time in my life. Great pictures I like that very much. I am curious what jengkol fruit looks like on the inside and what it tastes like. I am also curious what it looks like in the market where you sell. Greetings from Germany. Great post. 👍👍😀

Wonderful narrative. Wonderful pictures. I hope you will send pictures of the fuit when you harvest it.
My grandfather had a farm and I remember the harvests. Everybody had to pitch in because ripe fruit will not wait.

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