Simmering Memories - An Afternoon Feast at Hoi Sa Dung Seafood

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Hello everyone

Earlier today, I was just chilling and scrolling through my Facebook feed when I stumbled upon this new restaurant called "Hoi Sa Dung Seafood." The pictures on their page showed a cool and comfy vibe, and the food looked seriously tempting. So, without second-guessing, I decided to check it out.

Turns out, the place is just 5 kilometers away from my house. Sounds easy, right? But oh boy, the universe had other plans. The traffic in the afternoon was a nightmare, and what should have been a quick drive turned into a 30-minute ordeal. Finally, after battling through the traffic, I made it to "Hoi Sa Dung Seafood." I parked my car, walked in, and the place lived up to the hype. The atmosphere was great.


The restaurant, as I stepped in, was a delightful surprise. An open-air design with a thatched roof immediately caught my attention, and the place was adorned with charming bamboo lanterns, casting a warm and inviting glow. What struck me the most was the unique setup – right in the middle of the restaurant was a large pond, surrounded by tables. It gave the whole place a fresh and soothing vibe that was hard to resist.



Eager to immerse myself in this refreshing atmosphere, I chose a table right by the pond. Despite the sweltering afternoon heat, the restaurant had this constant cool breeze, making the dining experience surprisingly pleasant. There was something magical about enjoying a meal by the water, and as I sat there, I couldn't help but appreciate the thought put into the design. The combination of the open-air setting, thatched roof, and the surrounding pond created a perfect blend of comfort and tranquility, turning a simple lunch outing into a memorable experience.





As soon as I settled into my chosen spot, a friendly staff member promptly handed me a menu to peruse. My mind was already set on trying something I had been craving – the "hot pot with clear soup." It's kind of like ThaiBBQ but with a twist – no grilling involved, just everything simmering in a pot. The anticipation of savoring this unique dish had brought me here, and I was eager to see if it lived up to my expectations.

Shortly after placing my order, the waiter returned with a surprising starter – a cockle salad. Not expecting this at all, I decided to give it a shot. With the first bite, I was blown away! The flavors were exactly what I had been searching for – a perfect balance of savory and refreshing. The salad turned out to be an unexpected delight, setting the bar high for the main course. Excitement building, I couldn't help but appreciate the surprise twist in my culinary journey at "Hoi Sa Dung Seafood."



The much-anticipated moment arrived as the "hot pot with clear soup" made its grand entrance. A male staff member appeared, placing a stove mat on the table with precision, followed by the appearance of a sizzling hot charcoal grill. Another employee seamlessly positioned a clay pot, brimming with aromatic soup, atop the charcoal stove. The sizzle and aroma filled the air, heightening my anticipation.

In quick succession, a different staff member presented a plate of succulent pork, arranging it enticingly. Alongside the meat, a basket laden with an assortment of fresh vegetables, vermicelli, and eggs was strategically placed before me. The setup was a feast for the eyes, and my hunger intensified.


It struck me that "hot pot with clear soup" is typically an evening or nighttime indulgence, given its reliance on heat. In the past, my family and I used to make it a routine, relishing this dish on numerous evenings. However, since our move to the other side of Phuket, the prospect of battling nighttime traffic had kept us from our favorite culinary ritual. Yet, today, even in the midst of the scorching afternoon heat, the desire for the comforting warmth of "hot pot with clear soup" triumphed. The nostalgia and the aroma of the simmering soup made it all worthwhile, rekindling the joy of indulging in this familiar and cherished dish after a long hiatus.





Once the employee left, I wasted no time and eagerly started prepping the hot pot. Grabbing the basket filled with an array of fresh vegetables, I skillfully sliced and diced them into bite-sized pieces. The hot clay pot awaited, and I meticulously arranged the veggies inside, closing the lid to let them cook to perfection.

As the vegetables simmered, releasing their enticing aroma into the air, I turned my attention to the pork. Carefully, I added the succulent slices to the pot, allowing them to blanch until perfectly cooked. With a satisfied nod, I scooped out the cooked pork and arranged it on a waiting plate.



While the pork rested on the side, I continued to let the vegetables dance in the simmering broth. There's something about the tenderness of vegetables soaking up the flavors of the soup that I find irresistible. The anticipation grew as the aroma of the sweet soup enveloped the table, promising a delightful feast.

In the midst of this culinary adventure, a thoughtful idea crossed my mind. Before leaving, I decided to order two additional dishes to take home for my husband. It felt like the perfect way to share the joy of this unexpected gastronomic journey with him, ensuring that the flavors of "Hoi Sa Dung Seafood" would linger in our home long after the afternoon escapade.


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What a beautiful place to relax, eat, and unwind! And yes, I am feeling hungry too my beautiful friend!

Thank you! It is a beautiful place indeed. Feeling hungry is just a bonus, isn't it? 😊

It's a really nice place and I think it also has lots of good drinks and food.

Absolutely! It's a great place with a variety of delicious drinks and food.

Yes, friend. Have a nice day.