Two Small, Two Big

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Happy Sunday everyone, how are you all today? I hope you are all having a great time on this lovely Sunday. I still have one more night before my guest checking out after a long ten-day stay in the villa. They have been really great, and I am having a good time serving them and helping them to get one of the best experiences they could get as first-time visitor to Bali and also to the villa I am working at.

I will not talk more about them today, but let's talk about the insect that I managed to find around the villa to share with you all. It will also be my contribution to #sublimesunday initiated by @c0ff33a, #beautifulsunday initiated by @ace108, and my #sundayrandom where I share my random macro shots.

The first two species for this post are quite small. And I will start with this bug. I think it comes from the order of Hemiptera but I could not find the true species name of this one. Maybe next time when I get a better shot I could have a better chance to find its species name.



This one is the second small insect in this post. I am also not sure what species it is from, but looking at if shape and also the color, it might be a young nymph of some kind of shield bug. Look at how this it's body is, I really thought that is it just a dirt when I saw it from a far.




Next is the big one, for the first big species on this post, I have this big-sized spider from the huntsman spider. I took the photo at night time when I tried to do a night photo hunt, not far from the kitchen area. And it moves so fast even during the night. After this shot was taken it was already nowhere to be found.


After losing the spider, I tried to look into the different direction, in which then I found this brown cockroach. And then the same as the huntsman spider it also moves so fast, maybe it is because they are nocturnal so both navigate well even in the dark of the night. I could also get one shot of this cockroach before it moves and give under the foliage of the ornamental plantation around the villa


Photo StyleMacro PhotographyAccesoryMeike Extention Tube
LocationBali, IndonesiaLightingExternal flash
GearCanon EOS Kiss X8iDiffuserCekrek Diffuser

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Awesome macro selection.
This was my fave (and another take with his back):


Thank you very much, my friend. I am happy that you like that.
Strange bug for sure, : ) !LOLZ !PIZZA !LUV

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The spider will have been more interesting.
Sorry you lost it in the night shoot.

Maybe I will get better luck next time on the night hunting.
thank you very much.

You're welcome