The fairy tale of the old oak 🌳

in CCH3 years ago

Come closer and look at the rings that tell you about the years in which I experienced so much, in strong winds, in rain and thunderstorms I endured it. Sunshine and lack of water didn't turn me off my hinges either. My roots were firm and I gave my fruits to all my guests, including the person, he stood by me and said: Today you have to give way, there is no more space here for such large oaks. I stood so beautiful and proud in the forest, now I'm just a piece of wood.




I gave the thought the right words. But I can get something positive out of it all. The stump and the roots will give countless living beings a livelihood over the next few decades, new life will arise where the old will slowly pass 💕



Very wise words @hatschi0773, and hopefully can inspire me

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