CCH Community Daily Cross-curated - 16 October 2021

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Daily Reports Cross-curated from CCH community accounts

Hi everyone!
Welcome to the cross-curated Daily Report post from the CCH community account. We are committed to curating the best content on Hive BlockChain, In addition to curating posts on the CCH Community, We also curating the best posts outside of our community.

Without all of you building this community would not be possible. To provide you with the highest quality experience, we diligently search for not only Camping Content, Travel Stories, Photography, and even Culture, but also content outside the CCH community.

After spending some time curating the community, we found posts selected for daily curation with multiple values. Take the time to visit community members, whether they're new to it or already a member here and check out their posts. We wish you continued good work, and let's take your chance in the daily cross-curation round of CCH community accounts!

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Thank you for taking the time to stop by and honor the selections of daily curation in CampingClubHive. To encourage Engagement we will also be curating the comments. For those actively communicating and adding meaningful input, we will be rewarding some vote value. Keep up the great content and great work my friends, let's make.

Join the Camping Club Hive Curation Trail to Support Camping friends on Hive!

Every single HP in our trail counts and thus the Camping Club Hive highly values every Hiver who decides to support our trail, no matter the size their stake.

Hivers and Camping friends who wish to support, but don't have the time to curate for themselves can join the trail easily:

  • register your account at
  • follow the Camping Club Hive curation trail -> hive-117778
  • You want to support our project, you can either delegate or follow our curation trail hive-117778 - Thank you very much!

25 HP, 50 HP, 150 HP,300 HP, 500 HP


Curation By @visionaer3003 @my451r & CCH Team

Authorized by @dagobert007



Keep up the good work's good to see the CCH showing support to other authors outside their community.