The beautiful variety of flowers will capture anyone's heart easily

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Hello Dear Hive’s Friends To All Good Morning And Happy Everyday And Welcome To Visit My Profile And Thanks To All Hive’s Friend’s For Your Big And Good Supports Me.

Saturday 28 January 2023

Today the Sunrise will be at 06:40, Astronomical Noon will be at : 12:10, And Sunset will be: 17:41 pm, Day duration: 11:01, Night duration: 12:59.

Hello Hive’s visitors gamer’s riders’s and photographer’s Hoping for another good day on the Hive blog Saturday.

My daily morning routine:

  • I will wake up at 5:30 in the morning.

  • I will go to the bathroom and do ablution.

  • Fajr prayer.

  • After finishing the Fajr prayer, we perform Ojifa.

  • I pray to the Creator for a long time with prayers.

  • He goes out for a walk with his mobile phone in hand for photography.

Yes friends according to the laws of nature the day begins at the end of the night. We know the day means getting back to work. But my first task is to thank God. Still alive well. O Merciful, You are Great, You are All-Powerful. One has to sleep to get rid of the tiredness of the whole day. A good person sleeps by calculating the good and bad deeds of the whole day before going to sleep.

Some time passed in between, then as dawn broke, I drank a glass of lukewarm water and rushed outside to take photographs. Then back home try to write on my Hive blog with mobile. I don't know how much I can be good with desire and purpose. But I am trying to do something good every day. And at the end of the day before going to bed at night, if I can do good work, then I am successful, and I think I am a good person and I will feel successful. And in this way I want to be healthy and well every day, I try to follow the right path according to the order of God! Then in the last hours of the night alone, remember the Creator and perform the Fajr prayer. Then walk for a while. Walk according to this routing.

Yes friends I wake up every morning before sunrise and offer Fajr prayer. Then I go out for a walk for some time to exercise. And with the mobile camera in hand, I photograph different flowers, fruits, insects, insects, moon, sun, etc.
Even today, in the morning of this winter, in the thick fog and severe cold, addicted to the love of nature, I rushed to the nursery of Dr. Alamgir Matin Sahib. I went there and saw the flowers of Dhutra Jai. A light swaying in the gentle breeze in the nursery. Proprietor Dr. Alamgir Matin's nursery has various varieties of flowers blooming, people come from far and wide to see flowers and buy flower seedlings.Such beautiful pictures of different kinds of flowers fascinate me on this winter morning.

​The pictures of different types of flowers in the tub look very nice.

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