Breakfast at the traditional market with the traders

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Each of our jobs has its own special meaning, meaning it has its own positive side, as well as suit. We are street vendors who wander around the traditional morning market. We are morning market traders who go around each village on different days. Today we are in Nisam sub-district. North Aceh, We are morning market traders where before we start trading we take out the merchandise first. We have breakfast together in the stalls which have been opened to await our presence.
Various conversations and recent discussions when we sat together while enjoying food, we talked about how the market was today and yesterday or about other political worlds. What I need to say here is that various life problems were discussed when we gathered together over breakfast and enjoyed a cup of crunchy coffee. voices while joking also arise among us arguing together and this is a privilege from various regions, we gather as if we were born in one womb and also one father, we are brothers and help each other. If friends need help.
Various food menus have been served on the table, we just have to choose which one we like, whether it's rice or the culinary type of wet cake itself. We just have to choose which food we like and there we can also enjoy while talking and smoking cigarettes the joy that we never had before. get it and here I admit I am one of the cheapest traders currently available in today's breakfast groups. The various experiences I have gained from seniors to this day have become a big PR and a very valuable lesson for myself.
For the food menu, I myself drink coffee and also some wet culinary delights, while my older senior friends prefer to eat rice because they know that rice is one of the staple foods that must be eaten in the morning because if they don't enjoy rice it could be Later they won't be able to be at their optimal state, they will have stomach ache which will lead to diarrhea and so on. Maybe this is one of the age factors that requires them to eat rice in the morning and only then can they enjoy the culinary delights they like.
You can also see in my post several pictures of the stall owner making water according to our order. The stall owner is of course ready, they are just waiting. How do we order and then make it together, This is one of the stalls that we usually gather in the morning before we open our respective paragraphs. This is what our legends look like every day, going around the village on different days with different villages. we came from different directions but arrived at our traditional market like one father and one mother.
That's my post today in the cch community as information. How we struggle in the morning with traders to launch various money circulation businesses in various highland villages. This is one of the cultures that I have thickened in that is carried out by certain villages. I took this room with a smartphone that I have, a Samsung A20s, with the location still in the Aceh area in Indonesia. I hope that my post, pictures, writings, can entertain friends and at the same time know that this is what the condition of the morning market is like in our places.

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