Class party with my students

in CCH4 months ago

A few days ago, the students' third quarter evaluation and annual evaluation ended. As our school is a primary school and teaches up to fifth grade, this year is a gap year for fifth grade students. So the students of this class requested to give a class party after the exam. After the exam they themselves went and brought cake and balloons. Then they make themselves and then they decorate the room with balloons.





Our school is a government primary school. So the number of students here can be said to be very less. Our total number of students in class 5 was 18. They decorated the room and organized the party with their own efforts. However, they were very happy and enthusiasm and enthusiasm were visible in them. They were eagerly waiting for us. Then one of our colleagues went and cut the cake and inaugurated it as you can see in the picture. Of course we were all told to cut the cake but I didn't go there for their party spray. I stood outside the class room and told them not to throw party spray on me. Because it seems to me a bit of a problem especially for cold.

When the cake was cut, they were very happy and I was very happy to see them because they are still young students. They immediately started popping the balloons and got busy blowing each other's cake. It was a really wonderful moment especially for them it was emotional. The students cheered for a while as if they had lost themselves for a moment. Such pleasures are really important at this age. We also enjoyed the middle and it was enjoyable.


Heartwarming Celebration! What a sweet and joyful way to end the school year! It's great your students took the initiative to plan and decorate their own party. Their enthusiasm and excitement shine through in your photos.