Utricularia gibba

in CCH3 months ago

This is a Utricularia gibba. I saw it yesterday when I was walking along our crops field. Maybe this is an aquatic flowers. I found it on water. Sometimes it also saw field . Then it looks like a grass flower. I enjoyed the natural beauty of nature. Because the crops field is one of the natural beauties of nature. Where the beauty of nature can be enjoyed. Among which flowers are one. Various flowers can be seen blooming on the side by crops field , among which grass flowers or wild flowers are the most common. It is a grass flower.





This is a grass flower. I was walking in our crops field then I found this flower blooming side by the crops field. There are blooming different flowers . Most of which are wild or grass flowers. This flower is a very beautiful . Specially its color so amazing and the petals of this flower are very soft and soft. I don't know what it is known as in our local language so I found this name by searching on google.

These flowers can be seen blooming on village roads or garbage heaps. The flower is very beautiful. Especially its petals are very soft like tissue paper. The flowers are beautiful to look at but these flowers are seen blooming very nicely in the morning and as the day goes on the flower dries up a bit in the heat of the sun. The flower is very beautiful and one of my favorites.