Best Autumn at Monitor Pass From Leviathn Peak Summit | Siera Nevada Mountain, California

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From the ridges of Leviathn Peak, you will love the 360 degrees view of Monitor Pass with blankets of Autumn aspen and cottonwood trees, the gaze of mountain ranges lined up, folding one after another while some sinking over the taller sierra.

There was no one around that time, only three of us. So I couldn't skip my habit of screaming as loud as I could, that was such a great temporary comfort to let my vexation out.


Leviathn Peak

Leviathn Peak is on highway 89 and is part of the Humboldt Toiyabe forest in the Sierra Nevada Mountain with 11,000 elevation higher than monitor pass. The county built a telecommunication tower right by the summit to monitor the forest from fire during fire season.
Sure enough, 3.5 miles of off road round trips and another half mile hike to the top won't stop visitors for some adventures.
Leviathn Peak and Monitor Pass are in the same highway 89, to get to the peak, turn right before you hit monitor pass and the dirt road can only take AWD cars.







He is my son, standing up by the summit of Leviathn Peak.


Monitor Pass

Monitor Pass has 13% grade and 17 miles long, it's steep, windy, a lot of curves with the most spectacular views of Sierra Nevada range and many places to hike or camp.
No wonder monitor pass is one of the motorist's favorite road to ride even though it's only open from May to October.

Monitor Pass was also a part of Jedediah Smith's route in 1827 when he was leaving California for his adventure.
He was the first American explorer to cross all over the country, some of it was from the frontier of Salt Lake to Colorado River and crossed through the Mojave desert to California.
Jedediah Smith was born in 1799 and later died in 1831 when harrassed and so was attacked by Native Americans.





Another Autumn By The Road

Most people won't let this view passed by, they stop, take a walk on the trail between the trees for the best and spectacular photograph including myself. Nature is wonderful with it's own beauty.




Humboldt–Toiyabe National Forest

Toiyabe forest is 6.3 million acres large and managing 18 wild forest in eastern Sierra Nevada all the way to the border of Idaho and Utah. I remembered driving by Utah and Idaho highways on our road trip back then, it was the best view of the mazed red canyon.




This visit was part of our weekend get away during Columbus Day holiday, we were staying at a hotel in Topaz lake community.
The magnificent clear blue lake Topaz will be my next post.

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Autumn has its own blessed beauty!