China Camp Village | Picturesque Serena With History In San Rafael, California

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China Camp is a large 1,514-acres State Park by San Pablo bay, San Rafael, California. Not only do they have lush beautiful scenic views of tidal salt marshland, woodland, rolling hill and waterscape, but it also have several cared for historical areas and one of them is "Chinese Camp Village".


Chinese Camp Village is a 36 acre land with history of Chinese immigrants who built shrimping camp to catch shrimp and dry it . Interestingly, their product were not only sold locally but also exported back to China.

In 1880, almost 500 Chinese immigrants made China Camp Village their home. They built several roads, wooden houses, general stores, along with that the shrimp drying and gas station were also built there.
Their tough life started to emerge in 1882 under the discrimination of Chinese Must Go and some laws. Most Chinese were gone from China Camp Village after the law passed to completely ban their product from exporting and selling locally.

Quan Hung Quock, the only survivor under a trader permission, lived and died in 2016 in his China Camp Village's cabin. Quan Hung Quock owned several stores and cafe and Helen, a caretaker in the park, said his generation still live well around San Francisco till now.








Inside The Museum

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon at the village with few people walking around, my son and my husband were at the beach right in front of the Quan's residence. While I was by myself exploring around and taking pictures inside the museum, one nice lady appeared, her name is Helen.
We talked for quite awhile, about life in general, about why she want to serve in Chinese Camp Village although she is already retired.
She said, "it's a fun thing to do, beside I can enjoy the beautiful scenery, I also still can meet a lot of nice people".
Well Helen, I wish I'll grow old as nice as you one day. Nice, friendly, not judging and open minded about life.



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