Eight Health Tea | The Elixir Of Ancient Tea From The Tang Dynasty

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Eight Health Tea or Eight Treasures originally from DaMing Palace era of Tang Dynasty, Eight Health Tea also known as Banzhen Tea because it contains 8 calciums.
According to the package's description, Eight Health Tea could promote relief internal heat, refresh and invigorate vital energy, nourish liver and eyesight, invigorate spleen and appetite, and prolong body cycle.

No wonder after drinking it for a quite sometimes I feel better and my body feel more energetic all the time.


As Tea Lovers we've tried many kinds of tea, from regular tea, ginseng tea, flowers tea to herbals tea. But this one is the best tea beside our favorite one, we've been drinking every day for months now.

It started when my husband and I went to a Chinese grocery store and bumped into a bag of tea, we decided to buy and tried it out. Since then, I buy the ingredients individually for reasonable price and I can brew it for weeks.

The ingredients from the packages are green tea, goji berry, red date, longan meat, rose tea, chrysanthemum tea, raisins and white rock sugar.


The ingredients I bought individually, the only missing one is green raisins and the different one is the dried longan since the store only sells pealed dried longan.

Besides Eight Health Tea, we still brew other teas also once in awhile such as hawthorn berry tea, tamarind tea, mugwort tea, ginkgo biloba leaves tea and rosehip tea.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Tea

It looks so cute, just like autumn foliage leaves, my friend from Seattle mailed it to me, she said that she picked it late summer and dried it by using a food Dehydrator Machine. I can say the taste is a little sweet and still has the smell of regular tea.
Ginkgo Tea contains high antioxidant and anti inflammatory, besides neurotransmitters and also reduce the risk of Alzheimer.



Rosehip Tea

Taste slightly sour and a little bit sweet, smell good but isn't as strong as Rose tea. The benefit is to boost immune system as it has high antioxidant, it may help to loose weight, joint pain and over all health as it also contains high vitamin C.


In the end, it's up to us what should we put in our body and what we should avoid if our body can't take it.

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