Haze Won't Let The Heavenly Sight Of Yosemite Vanish | Yosemite National Park, California

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I wish I can share the smell of wildfire smoke online. Either people get use to it or they just want to be around the Valley of Yosemite.
Lofty ancient sequoia trees nurture our eyes to enjoy this nature further, high pointy rocky mountains circling around the valley and yet all of them seem soaring high up to touch the sky. Imagine Yosemite with clear blue sky, how outstanding that will be.


Cathedral Rocks and Spires are just right in front of El Capitan, aren't they gorgeous with the sun shining over the smog?

Yosemite is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, California. It's famous for many hiking trails and each trail has it own beauty. Half Dome, for example, a giant granite rock with signature shape just like a dome. Hikers, climbers, or adventurers, prepare their energy for the 17 miles long hike.

El Capitan

While other hiking places in Yosemite are far, we just drove around the loop of the valley for some short hike. Our first trail was to walk to the Nose of El Capitan, a giant 3000 feet skyward rock mountain.
Wanna hike and climb to the summit? Well, it will take you almost 15 hours for the 19 miles trail.




Yosemite Village

Yosemite Village is the place for you to chill out for some food, shopping, lodging, camping or visiting the theater by the visitor center. If you're on vacation and stay around the valley, they also provide shutter buses as transportation for your convenience to go around.






Lower Yosemite Falls

To get to the Lower Falls, it's the same way as you go to the Yosemite Village, but you have to walk further and only 1 mile hike with the crowd passing by all the time.
If you continue hiking for 7 miles round trips to the Top of Yosemite Falls, you will see the best view of upper falls and Half Dome.
It's unfortunate all waterfalls are seasonal only, as summer time, the water dried out.

15 (2).jpg





Random Images

Below are some random images from the street while we were driving around the loop of Yosemite Valley.




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