Sandy Dune At Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu | Las Angeles. California

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Heavenly sight isn't it? Sitting on top of the hill, perceiving the breezy ocean air while setting your sight towards the blue water and the traffic down below.
Have you ever wonder how that Sand filled up the whole hill and get all the way to the hill top?

It called Aeolian Transport according to the link below, Aeolian Transport is the first process of coastal dune formation and involves the movement and weathering of sand particles behind and parallel to the shoreline.
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Sandy Dune just right by the Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, Santa Monica. Our first visit when we were traveling across the country years ago, it became our favorite place to stop whenever we drive by Pacific Coast Highway.

It's really deep and thick sand, a great workout for adult and super fun to walk, roll, slide or run down for kids.




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very beautiful view and nice day greetings @afkar86

Thank you ..

Wow, that is really a cool spot. Didn't know there were sand dunes in Santa Monica! Looks like you are having a great time everywhere you go!

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Thanks, you should go there and hike all the way to the hill. Malibu is beautiful overall.